Bataang War

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Bataang War

Alexandrian troops bomb Sesmalkum, the Bataangese capital
Date 11 March 1987 - 17th October 1998
Location Bataang
  • Invasion and occupation of Bataang.
  • Liberation of Hargesia.
  • Overthrow of the National Party Government and execution of Blaise Campaore.
  • Bataang Insurgency, emergence of Alara Masinissa, civil war.
  • Establishment of new democratic government, transition to democracy, civil war ends, Massinissa elected President.
  • Withdrawal of Alexandrian forces in 1998.
National Bataang Provisional Authority
Army of Kushar Almanum
New Army of Bataang
Nationalist Bataang
Supreme Command for the Liberation of Bataang
Campaore Loyalists
Commanders and leaders
off the
DIfferent Commanders
with countries
off the
DIfferent Commanders
with countries

Instability in the nation of Bataang led to the Bataang War. An Alexandrian-led coalition of nations invaded Bataang on March 1987 to bring depose President Blaise Campaore after his invasion of the neighboring country of Hargesia and the subsequent Hargesian Genocide. The conflict had been dragging on since then, with Alexandria slowly losing coalition partners and the situation on the ground for the occupation was more complicated as a Bataang Insurgency continued to destabilize the country, triggering a civil war. This led to heavy Coalition casualties, the brunt of them born by Alexandrian troops.