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Welcome to the World of Iceria!

Iceria is an interactive geofiction project. It lives in a fictional world where one can design, develop and simulate countries or cities. They interact with each other through diplomatic relations, trade, warfare, and so forth. Participants do this by posting in a community forum and writing in this wiki.

"IcerWiki' (Encyclopaedia Icerianica is the central repository of all Icerian information. It is a key engine of development and activity in the project. If you're interested in requesting an account to use the wiki, please do so here.

The Icerian Forums are another important engine of activity in the World of Iceria. Icerian nations maintain their national forums there, along with international organizations.

All of this may seem a little daunting, but it can be fun! You're welcome to contact us directly through this form, or through the forums. You can also join us on Discord here.

To participate in Iceria, it is required that you abide by our Terms of Service and Community Charter. Much like any internet community out there, there are basic rules and commonly-agreed upon customs that must be maintained to ensure the project can grow.

The World of Iceria's
Rules, Terms of Service,
and Policies

Terms of Service
Community Charter
IcerWiki's Manual of Style
About Us
Contact us through our
with any questions.

About Iceria

  • Started with Alexandria, participation in Micras, dissolution of the Micran Alexandria.
  • Creation of the Icerian Alexandria, project morphes into the World of Iceria.
  • Purpose/Mission Statement of project.
  • How to create a country in Iceria.
  • The Icerian Cartographic Society.
  • The League of Icerian Nations.

About IcerWiki

The Encyclopaedia Icerianica (also known as 'IcerWiki') is a comprehensive database of important information regarding the world of Iceria. In this wiki, you will find all sorts of information about the planet Iceria, the nations that are in it, their governments, people, culture, politics, and much more. The world of Iceria is built by a community of participants each developing and simulating a nation or a city-state, agreeing to a common set of rules and standards, and sharing the map of Iceria through the Icerian Cartography Society.

Participation in Iceria is based on some common tenets:

  • Nations are more or less modern and aim to be realistic, like in the contemporary Earth;
  • The descriptions and developments of the nations themselves must be coherent and explainable on the basis of current scientific knowledge;
  • A nation has to fit its geographical and historical Icerian contexts.

IcerWiki is written collaboratively by largely by Icerian participants and volunteers. Users can contribute under a pseudonym, or, if they choose to, with their real identity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Iceria?

Are you open to everyone?

How do I join Iceria?

How do I start a nation in Iceria?

What's with the lingo here, is there a glossary somewhere or what?

Are there any rules or basic standards I need to pay attention to?

What is required of participants?

Must I pay taxes or dues?

Not at all! Real-life money plays no part in our community. No monetary contributions will ever be mandatory. Participation in Iceria is 100% cost-free. From time to time, there may be fundraising appeals to help pay for the cost of hosting. It is not mandatory nor expected to contribute to this. It is certainly awfully nice to do so, though!

Who is "in charge"?