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This wiki is a comprehensive database of all the official information regarding Iceria, an interactive worldbuilding project founded in 2018. In this wiki, you will find information on the nations that are in Iceria, their governments, people, culture, politics, and much more.

The world of Iceria is built by a community of participants each developing and simulating a nation or a city-state, having agreed to a common set of rules and standards, and sharing the map of Iceria through the Icerian Cartography Society.

Participation in Iceria is based on some common principles:

  • Nations are more or less modern and aim to be realistic;
  • The descriptions and developments of the nations themselves must be coherent and explainable on the basis of current scientific knowledge;
  • A nation has to fit its geographical and historical Icerian contexts;
  • Agreeing to abide by the Terms of Service and Community Charter.

Featured Article
The Autocephalous Catholic Church of Alexandria (formerly The Imperial Church of the Alexandrians) is the state church of the Empire of Alexandria. Founded around 600AD by St Luis it has experienced two schisms in it's long history and though it remains the state church, it no longer bears Imperial patronage. Headed by the Patriarch-Archbishop of Port-Réal, the Church is administrated by the See of St Luis which has it's official and ceremonial base at the Basilica of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows in the Imperial Capital District... Read more...

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