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Empire of the Alexandrians
Flag of Alexandria
Coat of Arms of Alexandria
Coat of Arms
Motto: Non sine sole iris
Anthem: Marche Impériale
Location of Alexandria
Map Version Update 15.9.0
Capital Port-Réal
Largest city Port-Réal
Official language(s) Common (English)
Fransh (French)
Martino (Spanish)
Varennese (Catalan)
Demonym Alexandrian
 - Adjective Alexandrian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 - Emperor Edgard II
 - First Consul
 - Legislature National Assembly
Establishment 7 May 2002
 -Ranked #
Area Unmeasured
 - Ranked Unknown
Population #
 - Active #
 - Ranked #
Currency Imperial Ecu
Abbreviation ALX
National website none
National forum {{{forum}}}
National animal Eagle
National food -----
National drink -----
National tree ------