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CJSC Yuriev Aerospace Corporation
CJSC Yuriev Aerospace Company Logo
Formerly НВК «Юрьев»
Type Closed joint-stock company
Industry Aerospace, Defence
Area served Worldwide
Key people
 - Founder Dzmitry Tomasic Yuriev
 - Yuriev CEO Thomas Cherkesov
 - Yuriev Chairman Yuri Ključevšek
Establishment 1987, 31 years ago
Headquarters Tharey, Eshlan
Key Production 9-11, Yu-5G, IS-FAK
Divisions Yuriev Raziskovanja
  Yuriev Aeroholding
  Yuriev Defence

The CJSC Yuriev Aerospace Corporation (Jezik: Sindikat Yuriev Vesoljsko družba ZAO) is major civil aerospace and defense Eshlan corporation, with a extensive portfolio civil and military airplanes, rotocraft, satellites and space transportation. Yuriev is among five largest global military aerospace companies, and third largest civil aviation manufacturer worldwide. The headquarters and production facilities are located in Tharey, Eshlan.

Yuriev was founded by Dzmitry Yuriev in 1987, as a civil aviation manufacturer, specializing in turboprop regional airlines. Building on its success, Yuriev acquired Matjaž Rotocraft in 1990 and grew into helo business as well. Company was nationalized in 2008, and boosted by government substitutes and merge with another Eshlan aerospace and defense companies, it grew into one of biggest airplane manufacturers worldwide.

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