Thomas de Himrodt

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Thomas de Himrodt
Spouse Liz de Himrodt
Father Patrice de Himrodt
Mother Chrystel de Himrodt
Born 20 July 1975
Wesloderia, Alexandria
Rank File:22-Lieutenant-GeneralGI.png Lieutenant-General

Thomas de Himrodt, born 20 July 1975, is a general officer of the Imperial Armed Forces.

Thomas was born from the union between Patrice and Chrystel of Himrodt. He attended primary school in the same private institution as Emperor Edgard II. He was then sent to the military school with the aim of becoming an officer in the Army. He joined the Imperial Guard with the rank of Major,as a Commander, of the 1st Regiment of Dragons.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Thomas is the descendant and last heir, to this day, an old noble family of Alexandria. He no longer has the title of Earl of Himrodt to this day but he still bears that name. He hopes that someday this title will return to his family for service to the nation.

Thomas began his studies at Saint Mary's School near the capital. He was then transferred to the Franciscan Military Academy to learn soldier's life and become an officer. After his years of training, he joined the 1st Regiment of Dragons of the Guard with the rank of. He also obtains the command of this regiment. He is particularly distinguished in this regiment which will allow him after five years of service to be promoted Colonel. Seven years later, he will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and will be given command of the entire Imperial Guard.

In parallel with his military career, Thomas studied law at the Imperial University of Alexandria. Indeed, since his childhood, he was passionate about law and justice. He will graduate at the end of his studies.

Marriage and Family[edit | edit source]

Edgard met his future wife Liz during his stint at Saint Mary's School. From an early age, they fell in love. When Thomas joined the Military Academy, they lost sight of each other. During Thomas's last year of training to become an officer, they contact again by chance. They exchanged many letters until the day Thomas was graduated. His officer's pay allowed him to buy a small house in the countryside near the capital where the couple moved. Three years later, they formalized their wishes and got married in the Basilica of St. Louis the Protector.

The couple still has no children to date but wish them to have it is present.

Military career[edit | edit source]

Commander of 1st Regiment of Dragons[edit | edit source]

In 1991, while completing his studies at the Military Academy, he became Major and Commander of the 1st Regiment of Dragons of the Guard. He played an important role in the arrest of the traitors who organized the coup of 3 April 1991. He was greatly appreciated by his subordinates and soldiers for his humanity and closeness. Indeed, it was accessible to everyone and at any time. He created an atmosphere of brotherhood and trust in his regiment. In 1996, he will be promoted to Colonel.

Commander of the Imperial Guard[edit | edit source]

In 2003, thanks to his renown throughout the Army, Emperor Edgard II named him Commander of the Imperial Guard with the rank of Lieutenant-General. Its mission is to redefine the functions of the latter as well as to adapt the Order of Battle at the time and current circumstance. Mission he will accomplish brilliantly. To this day, he still performs this function.

Politics[edit | edit source]

Thomas has said several times that he could go into politics if he feels that the future of the nation is at stake.

Others[edit | edit source]

Uniforms[edit | edit source]

File:Lt. Ge. de Himrodt.png

Limousine[edit | edit source]

File:LimLt. Ge. de Himrodt.png

Weapons[edit | edit source]

File:Sabre GO.png
Saber of General Officer

File:S&M de Himrodt.png
Revolver offered to Lieutenant-General during his promotion to the head of the Imperial Guard