Coso Cunai

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Republic of Coso Cunai
Flag of Coso Cunai
Coat of Arms of Coso Cunai
Coat of Arms
Motto: Sole Libertas
Anthem: Coso Cunai, Nostro Insula
[[File:|250px|Location of Coso Cunai|frameless]]
Capital Porte Valera
Largest city Bunos, Saliana
Official language(s) Cunaian
Demonym Cunaiano
 - Adjective Cunaiano
Government] Democracy (de jure)
Oligarchy (de facto)
 - Primero Alexis Luciano
 - Secundo Paula Linda
 - Legislature La Junta Cunaiano
Establishment TBD
Area Unmeasured
Population 465.000
Currency Oro
Abbreviation CUN
National animal Dolphin
National food
National drink Rum
National tree Palm tree

Coso Cunai, officially the Republic of Coso Cunai is an island nation in Iceria. Home to about half a million people.

History[edit | edit source]

The first documentation of the island of Coso Cunai derives from the writings of Alexandrian explorer Louis Cortèz, who in [date] sailed through the [location ocean].

Government[edit | edit source]