West Baatharzi War

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West Baatharzi War
File:Rockets Launched Into Corrada Del Rio1.jpg
Explosions in Corrada del Rio from West Baatharzi rockets.
Date 1674 AN - 1679 AN
Location Eura
  • Aldurian expansion and settlement of West Baatharz;
  • Defeat of West Baatharzi militias, settlement of new states, creation of Baatharzi Autonomous Region.
West Baatharzi Militias
  • People's Front of Baatharzabad
  • Iteran People's Organization
  • Eurani Front of Liberation
Aldurian Armed Forces Al-jamāʻah al-Imārātīyah (1675–)

The Aldurian-West Baatharzi conflict, widely referred to as the West Baatharzi War, is a series of military clashes involving the Republic of Alduria (now part of Nouvelle Alexandrie), the People’s Front of Baatharzabad, as well as various non-state militias acting from within the West Baatharzi Green. The area that was central to the conflict today is part of the New Alexandrian Region of Alduria, subdivided into several states, with the largest of these being the Baatharzi Autonomous Region.

The conflict originated soon after the founding of Alduria in 1669 AN and its establishment as a growing power in the continent of Eura. During the early 1670 AN's, Aldurian settlers, funded and supported by the Aldurian government, began to build settlements and claim land in the unclaimed lands of the West Baatharzi Green. The foundation of Alduria ended up displacing hundreds of thousands of native Eurans into West Baatharz, where it created conflicts among the native Baatharzi and other native Euran peoples settled in West Baatharz. These tensions between the groups, added to their tensions with the growing number of Alexandrians, Caputians, and Natopians that were settling and building Alduria, ignited the conflict. Adding to the forced movements of native Euran populations from present-day Alduria, the establishment of Antakia (now part of the Thraci Confederation), caused many of those native Euran populations in Antakia to also cross and settle in West Baatharz.

Launching scathing rocket and mortar attacks from the unsettled banks of the Nouradin river, the militias often carried very bloody and violent attacks against the Aldurian settlements, often killing women, children, and the elderly. Slowly the attacks increased as Aldurian settlers, mainly Caputians and Alexandrians, began to obtain licenses from the Aldurian government to settle and pacify West Baatharz.

The largest and most organized of the militias, the People’s Front of Baatharzabad (PFB), recruited militants in West Baatharz from among the families of native Euran populations that had been expelled or fled due to the creation of Alduria in 1669 AN AN. Other non-state militias also rose in the West Baatharzi Green inspired by the PFB, which include the Iteran People’s Organization (IPO) and the Eurani Front of Liberation (EFL). A third and powerful militia rose later in the conflict as Alduria stepped up military strikes and operations to pacify the area and bring it under its control: The Emirati (Restoration) Group (Al-jamāʻah al-Imārātīyah).

The conflict ended with the decisive defeat of the West Baatharzi militia groups after Alduria launched a full-scale invasion in 1674 AN aimed at securing West Baatharz, annexing it, and exterminating the militias. Over the course of 1674 AN - 1679 AN, Alduria was able to achieve its objectives and annex the area, suffering less than 1,000 casualties.