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Wechua-Caputian relations, also referred to as the Wechu-Caputian Partnership, encompass many complex relations ranging from a tense conflict over their shared border to the fostering of a complicated commercial partnership between the Wechua Nation and the Kingdom of the Union of Caputia.

Both countries are bound together by their shared history, involvement in each other's internal affairs, and close kinship ties that stretch back over hundreds of years to three waves of Wechua migrations and most recently, the exodus of Caputians escaping the brutal reality of civil strife. Commercial and cultural ties have brought both nations together despite two armed conflicts: the Wechua Border Wars and the Wechua intervention in the Hammish Civil War in support of the Ravaillac Loyalists.

After the end of the Hammish Civil War, the government of Manco Cápac and his Chief Minister, Kayara Mayhuasca Soncco, sought to seek an official "Wechu-Capuian Partnership" to bring both nations closer together economically and politically.

Today, Caputia affirms its relationship with the Wechua nation among its most important bilateral relationships, and the Soncco Government recognizes the relationship with Caputia as "central to the security and prosperity of the Wechua nation."





Wechua Border Wars

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Wechua-Caputian Diplomacy
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