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Type Public
Industry Internet
Founded 1672 AN
Headquarters Punta Santiago, Alduria-Wechua
Key people Alex Gonzalez (Founder & CEO)

Tweeter is a social networking site where users can post and interact with each other using text messages called "tweets". The company was launched in Punta Santiago, Alduria in 1672 AN, as a re-built version of the defunct first international microblogging site, the Hoennese Whispr social network. Users registered on the site can post, like, repost (or "retweet"), and save tweets. Unregistered users can only read tweets. The social networking site struggled during its early years, surviving on venture capital and slowly but consistently building a wider user base. Tweets are restricted to 300 characters. Audio and video tweets remain limited.

One of the offending but incredibly effective ads from Tweeter.

The company gained notoriety in 1677 AN, when it launched an aggressive national marketing campaign that featured the saying "Have you twat today?" over pictures of people using the website on their phones or on a computer. The most famous item in the campaign was a poster that featured someone in a public toilet stall, on the Tweeter app, with the words "Have you twat today?". The campaign caused user registrations to explode but caused a scandal with a myriad of conservative, media advisory, and parental groups. The company quickly allied itself with free speech groups, triggering a legal battle whether the advertisement campaign violated decency laws in Alduria.

The company was founded by Alex Gonzalez, Joseph Gaugin, Jane Loubriel, Maxine Laurel, and Francisco de Leon.

In 1680 AN, Tweeter launched an app called ShortVid, a social networking site where users can host and share videos that loop and are no more than 10 seconds long.

In 1691 AN, Tweeter's explosive growth led to foreign governments and non-governmental organizations throughout Micras to begin imposing new rules and terms of service on the platform that were impacting Alduria-Wechua and changing the original intent of the platform. In order to placate competing interests and honor the original intention of the platform, Tweeter separated its international service from the Alduro-Wechua local service at the behest of the Alduro-Wechua government.

In 1693 AN, Tweeter became Floria's most used social media service with 69% of the population having a registered account.

Like all foreign social media sites, Tweeter is prohibited in the Benacian Union. As physical connectivity with global telecommunications systems is also prohibited the specificity of this ban is perhaps somewhat moot.