Treaty of Mittlere Stadt

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The Treaty of Mittlere Stadt is a treaty between Elwynn and Francia, but also binding for all other members of the Member States of the Raspur Pact. It was signed on 23.XV.1679 at Mittlere Stadt in Francia.

Text of the Treaty


In the latter days of the Second Amokolian War, based on the Treaty of Norfae, the High Contracting Parties met: the Frankish Empire and the Elwynnese Republic, on behalf of the Raspur Pact, and agreed the following:

Article I
All persons, qualified as Froyalaners including the person known as Villy Esposito, 166,328 in number, are transferred to the Frankish Empire. The transfer takes place on the basis of good treatment, whereby exploitation, hunger and unnecessary suffering are prevented.

Article II
On the day that all persons as referred to in Article I are transferred, the former bailiwick of Mittlere Stadt, under its traditional borders, is transferred by the Frankish Empire to the Elwynnese Republic.

Article III
If it turns out that not all Froyalaners have been transferred, the Frankish Empire has the right to occupy the bailiwick of Mittlere Stadt. If the transfer is not completed within two Norton years, then the Frankish Empire has the right to claim the bailiwick of Mittlere Stadt.

Article IV
This treaty is ratified according to the respective instruments of ratification of the High Contracting Parties. Herein, the Elwynnese Republic signed this treaty on behalf of all members of the Raspur Pact and the entire Raspur Pact is bound by this treaty.

Done at Mittlere Stadt, this 23.XV.1679.

Signed for the Elwynnese Republic (on behalf of the Raspur Pact):

Johan Anderion Ayreon-Kalirion Avon-El

Signed for the Frankish Empire:

Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy, Holy Catologian Emperor, Emperor of Francia, King of Amokolia, King of Batavia, Archduke of ‘s Koningenwaarde, Grand Duke of Helderbourgh, Prince of Vinandy, Nawab of Tassity, Duke of Brandenburg, Duke of Gascony, Duke of Levensburg, Count of Bourbon, Count of Dasburgh, Count of Girond, Baron of Ammerswoude and by the Loet, Baron of Bergkirche, Baron of Heydelberg, Lord of Audinghen, Lord in Jorvik, Lord of Paravel

Appendix I:

Execution of the treaty

On 18.III1680 AN, the first 500 Froyalaners were welcomed after their release from Elwynn. Camps are set up in Iskander, Martinstadt and Tsofnhafen.

On 1.VII.1680 AN, the rest of the Froyalaners were tranferred from Elwynn and received by the Kaiser. Mittlere Stadt was handed over to Elwynn on the same day.