Treaty between Chryse and Ransenar

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The Treaty of Friendship, Trade and Cooperation between Her Imperial Magnificence the Queen of Ransenar and Her Imperial Magnificence the Queen and Exarch of Chryse is a treaty between Chryse and Ransenar, signed in Chryse on ____.



The treaty is written in a traditional style whereby the treaty is between the sovereigns of each state, in this case, on one part, Her Imperial Magnificence the Queen of Ransenar, and, on the other part, Her Imperial Magnificence the Queen and Exarch of Chryse. The ambassadors and government officials involved are listed in the Preamble to the Treaty and in the end, with the signatories.

The treaty is divided into five parts. The first part is the preamble which set out the background, aims and objectives of the treaty. Here, the preamble speaks of the sad state of affairs between these entities since 1672, and that they now resolve to bring an irrevocable end to them.

The second part is the friendship part. Here, the sovereigns promise friendship between their countries, with promises not to use violence or war to resolve any disputes between them. Further, this part provides for the establishment of diplomatic missions in each other's capitals (with customary diplomatic immunity), final delineation of the land and maritime boundaries between them, and visa-free travel between them.

The third part covers trade. Chryse promises to allow the importation of non-agricultural products under Raspur Pact standards, as well as organic agricultural products made within the county of Elsenar. Ransenar will allow the import of non-agricultural products produced in Chryse under Raspur Pact standards.

The fourth part covers cooperation. Ransenar, on its part, promises to allow students from Chryse access to higher education in Ransenar on the same basis as citizens of Ransenar. The parties also promise to cooperate on matters of allocation of specialist health-care resources, patient transfers, and similar. Furthermore, the parties will cooperate on sea rescue, harmonization of environmental regulations along their coastlines, and border control. Here, they also agree to cooperate on issues such as smuggling of illicit goods, human trafficking. They also agree to give full faith and credit to all legal documents, such as diplomas in education and vocation, family law, judgments.

Finally, the fifth part establishes how the treaty is ratified, along with several transitional provisions. One of the provisions in the fifth part declares the Treaty null and void should Chryse's sovereignty be subjected to a foreign power or if there's a change in its sovereignty.


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