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Regno di Tiviana
Kingdom of Tiviana
Flag of Tiviana
Coat of Arms of Tiviana
Coat of Arms
Motto: Aiutati che Dio ti aiuta
(Help yourself and God shall help you)
Anthem: Inno al Re
Hymn to the King
250px|Location of Tiviana|frameless
Capital Fienze (Scienza)
Largest city Colerno (Colierno)
Official language(s) Tivianese?
Demonym Tivianese
 - Adjective Tivianese
Government] Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 - King
Re di Tiviana
Xavier V
Saverio V
 - President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister)
Presidente del Consiglio dei ministri (primo ministro)
Dominico Lazzari
 - Legislature Parliament
Establishment ?
Area ?
Population ?
Currency Tivianese ducat (Ducato tivianesco):
1 ducat = 100 grana = 200 tornesi
Abbreviation TVN
National animal ?
National food ?
National drink ?
National tree ?

The Kingdom of Tiviana (il Regno di Tiviana; also 'o Regno 'e Tivviana) is a nation in the general vicinity of, but not bordering on, Alexandria and Mantua.

Tiviana is a constitutional monarchy, though the Crown retains, and indeed continues to exercise, a number of substantive governmental functions. The country is heavily Catholic, and the Church's patron and temporal head is the monarch, much as was once the case with the Imperial Church of Alexandria.

Despite the two countries' shared Catholicism - like Alexandria, the region of Tiviana was introduced to Christianity by St. Luis - their practices began to diverge from about 1700, and the Tivianese tend to view Alexandrian practice as lax and corrupt. In many other respects as well, the Tivianese are traditionalists, attaching a strong cultural value to those things that are tried and true and continue to work. On the other hand, they are less socially conservative than one might expect; Tivianese prefer to enjoy life, and can be tolerant of those that pick unconventional ways to do so, so long as they aren't too disruptive.

Tiviana remains less economically developed than many of its neighbors, and still relies heavily on its agricultural products and on tourism for its prosperity. The country is noted for its wines, olive oil, citrus, and seafood.

Statuto fondamentale del Regno di Tiviana

Wolf King of Arms/Re d'armi del Lupo