Titu, Prince of Rimarima

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Nouvelle Alexandrie

Who's Who of Nouvelle Alexandrie
Titu, Prince of Rimarima
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  • Prince of Rimarima
  • Prince of Alduria-Wechua
Titles and Offices Held
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Full Name Titu Auqui Acahuana
Birth Date 4.XI.1662 AN (presently aged 69)
  • Married to Princess Abigail, m. 1688
City and Region of Residence Parap
Dual Citizenship None.

Titu, Prince of Rimarima (born Titu Auqui Acahuana, b. 4.XI.1662 AN) is the heir apparent to the thrones of Alduria-Wechua and the Wechua Nation, as the eldest child of King Manco Cápac I. He has been Prince of Rimarima since 1685 AN.

Titu was born in the city of Parap, Wechua Nation in 1662 AN. He was educated privately in the same manner as his father Manco Cápac I, but differed in that he studied at Metzler University in Shirekeep, Shireroth for two years. In 1687 AN, Shireroth and Alduria-Wechua announced that Prince Titu is engaged to Princess Abigail of Shireroth. They married on 19.I.1688 (civilly in Punta Santiago) and 23.I.1688 (religiously, in a Wechua ceremony, in Parap).

On 2.II.1689, the Royal Palace announced that Titu and Abigail were expecting their first child later the same year. A son, Uturuncu, was born on 15.VIII.1689.