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Welcome to Alexandria!


The Empire of the Alexandrians is a geo-fictional interactive simulation based in the fascinating world of Iceria. Alexandria's characteristics are inspired by many real life cultures and countries in planet Earth like France and Spain, but also includes the development of authentic Alexandrian customs and traditions. It was originally founded as the Kingdom of the Union of Madland on May 7th, 2002. as a personal project by Emperor Edgard II to engage in conworlding and model government, partly inspired by Verduria.

As the Emperor's interests grew, Madland grew with it, opening the door for wider participation and interaction with other similar projects. In November 4, 2004, Madland changed its name to Alexandria. From 2002 until 2017, Alexandria was located on the planet of Micras. However, a new creative direction for Alexandria saw the Empire leave Micras and pursue its own cartographic and creative destiny.

Focused on developing its cultural and national identity, Alexandrians have determined to structure and govern the community they form as an Empire-in-miniature, with an Emperor, a unicameral National Assembly, a government led by an elected First Consul, and a variety of other interesting political and cultural outlets which give form and atmosphere to the community.

Featured Article
The Revolution of 1774

Episode of the Fronde at the Faubourg Saint-Antoine by the Walls of the Bastille.png

The words of Bishop Boussuet underline the organic links connecting the Church and an increasingly absolutist state. The ingredients for a national revolution had been provided by this link, and they were seen in play in the Revolution of 1702. Francis Joseph II, a strong absolutist monarch, was briefly deposed by the masses in that Revolution. The Emperor, who was already old, feeble and suffering from stomach cancer, was under the strict influence of the First Minister, Cardinal Suger. Suger was not popular in the eyes of Alexandrians because of his foreign origins, corruptly amassed fortune and his romantic involvement with the Emperor’s sister, Mademoiselle du Carpignac...


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Did you know …

Joseph Thiers.

Provinces of Alexandria: Imperial Capital District · Baudrix · Valenciennes · Ibelin · San Martín
Río Grande · Santander y Corcovado · Varennes · Chambéry
Territories and Protectorates of Alexandria: Mantua · San Juan · Poitou · Costa Verde
Dominions: Acadia · Girondia