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[[{{{flag}}}|125px|Flag of {{{commonname}}}|frameless]]
[[Flag of {{{commonname}}}|Flag]]
[[{{{coa}}}|85px|Coat of Arms of {{{commonname}}}|frameless]]
[[Coat of arms of {{{commonname}}}|Coat of Arms]]
Motto: {{{motto}}}
Anthem: {{{anthem}}}
[[{{{map}}}|250px|Location of {{{commonname}}}|frameless]]
Map versions {{{mapversions}}}
Capital {{{capital}}}
Largest city {{{largecity}}}
Official language(s) {{{lang}}}
Demonym {{{demnoun}}}
 - Adjective {{{demadj}}}
Government {{{govtype}}}
 - {{{headofstatetitle}}} {{{headofstate}}}
 - {{{headofgovernmenttitle}}} {{{headofgovernment}}}
 - Legislature {{{legislature}}}
Establishment {{{estdate}}}
 -Ranked {{{agerank}}}
Area {{{area}}}
 - Ranked {{{arearank}}}
Population {{{pop}}}
 - Active {{{activepop}}}
 - Ranked {{{poprank}}}
Currency {{{currency}}}
Abbreviation {{{abbrev}}}
National website {{{site}}}
National forum {{{forum}}}
National animal {{{animal}}}
National food {{{food}}}
National drink {{{drink}}}
National tree {{{tree}}}
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