Storsk Boldspil-Union

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Stormark SBU
Logo of the Storsk Boldspil-Union
Founded 2007
Headquarters Haraldsborg
FMF affiliation 2007–20
AEFA affiliation 2007–20
President High King Harald
Chairman Archibald MacLeod
Chief Executive Yngve Hallgrímsson

The Storsk Boldspil-Union (SBU) is the governing body of football in Stormark. It is a federation of the 26 Jarldom Football Associations and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the amateur and professional game.


Ever since its inception in 2007 the SBU has been responsible for the operation of the national men's, women's and youth teams as well as the Elriskógur Imperial Institute of Sports Science.

The Storsk Boldspil-Union is also responsible for organizing the Stormarksturneringen, which is an annual tournament at the end of the season in which the champions of the 26 Jarldom Football Associations and the 6 runners-up of the largest Jarldom Football Associations participate to determine the Champion of All-Stormark.

Aside from running the national football teams and the Stormarksturneringen, the SBU is also responsible for the organization of the two other annual national level club cup competitions, the High King's Cup and the Fulltrui Shield, as well as several other duties important to the functioning of the game in Stormark.

The Storsk Boldspil-Union is a Member of the Fédération Micraise de Football and is also a member of the Apollonia and Eura Football Association. It is based at the Haraldsborgs Idrætsvøllur in Haraldsborg. In addition, the Storish Football Museum is also located there.



Direct members of the SBU are only the 26 Jarldom Football Associations, whereas the clubs participating in the Stormarksturneringen and the two other annual national level club cup competitions are members of the football associations covering their Jarldom. Today, more than 106,000 clubs are organised in those Jarldom Football Associations, fielding nearly 700,000 teams with over eight million active players and totalling over twenty-four million members. The Jarldom Football Associations also have four million female members and 31,000 female teams.


Ever since its inception in 2007 the SBU has had a figurehead President, who is always a member of the Imperial House of Ettlingar Freyu, the Imperial House of Stormark.

The SBU is controlled by the SBU Council which has overall responsibility for policy. The SBU Council is composed of representatives of all the 26 Jarldom Football Associations. Meetings of the SBU Council are presided over by a Chairman who is chosen by the SBU Council from amongst the Council membership.

For the the day-to-day running of the SBU, the SBU Council appoints a Board of Directors, which is headed by a Chief Executive.


The SBU's main commercial asset is its ownership of the rights to internationals of the national football teams and the three annual national level club cup competitions. Additional sources of income for the SBU are fees paid by the Jarldom Football Associations, merchandising, and rents, interests and returns on investments.

Earnings for the year ending 31 December 2013 was Rkr. 1,1 billion, on which it made an operating profit of Rkr. 50 million. Turnover is expected to increase sharply in the near future due to the new revenue from the rights to the three annual national level club cup competitions.

The SBU's income does not include the turnover of the Jarldom Football Associations, which are independent businesses. As well as running its own operations the SBU chooses thirteen charities each year to which it gives ample financial support.


The SBU was founded somewhere in the year 2007, although the exact date is lost to time. Prior to January 2014, when the three national level competitions were established, the SBU mainly concerned itself with managing the national football teams.

In early 2014, the Storsk Boldspil-Union became a founding association of the Triple Crown Championship and will compete in the inaugural tournament later in the year.

Yearly Honours

The SBU awards the best national team players each year, with an award to the best national men's team player, as well as the best players of the national women's and youth teams.


The SBU owns and operates the following institutions:


The SBU is responsible for the organization of the following competitions:

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