Santander y Corcovado

Santander y Corcovado
Coat of Arms
Motto: XXXXX
Capital XXXXX
Largest Cities XXXX
Official Languages English, Spanish, French
Demonym XXXXXX
Government XXXXXX
Head of State HIM Edgard II
Head of Government First Minister of Santander y Corcovado
Lesiglature The Cortes of Santander y Corcovado
Population 000000000 (2015)

Political divisions of the Empire of the Alexandrians Flag of Alexandria
Provinces: Baudrix | Chambéry | Ibelin | Imperial Capital District | Río Grande | San Martín | Santander y Corcovado |
Valenciennes | Varennes
Territories and Protectorates: Costa Verde | Mantua | Poitou | San Juan
Dominions: Acadia | Girondia