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S. S. Bucolos

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Nouvelle Alexandrie

Who's Who of Nouvelle Alexandrie
S. S. Bucolos
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Titles and Offices Held
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Full Name Sylvain Schiriath Bucolos
  • Icol Bucolos
  • Adrienne Gaudin
Birth Date 18.V.1656 AN
  • Eight siblings: Edgard, Célestine, Francis, Henri, Mira, Lissanse, Victor, Aldurie (A. A.)
  • Married to Callie Sherbrooke, m. 1679
  • Two daughters: Estelle and Adrienne
Citizenship Date Sept 18, 2020
City and Region of Residence Punta Santiago metropolitan area, Narbonne, Alduria
Dual Citizenship None.

Sylvain Schiriath Bucolos (b. 18.V.1656 AN), better known in public life as S. S. Bucolos, is a cartographer and businessman. He currently serves as the effective CEO of cartography and surveying company Bucolos et fils. He currently lives in Narbonne state in Alduria, in a suburb of Punta Santiago.


Sylvain Bucolos was born in Norvind in what was then Altus, the third child of Icol Bucolos and Adrienne Gaudin and the first to be born in that country. Icol, an Alexandrian refugee of Shirerithian birth and the son of Shyriath Bukolos of Gloria Mundi fame, had moved his company and its operations to Norvind from New Alexandria in Tapfer earlier in the year to fulfill a lucrative contract with the military authorities there. Sylvain grew up in a prosperous, if busy, household; he would prove to be the third of nine children.

Following the collapse of Altus and the move of both company and family to Punta Santiago in 1669 to provide services to the fledgling Aldurian government, Sylvain began to take a closer interest in the family business. He was mentored in the basics of cartography by his father, and with the latter's encouragement, attended the University of Punta Santiago from 1674 to 1678, obtaining a BSc in geography before joining Bucolos et fils shortly thereafter, working alongside his brother Edgard. It was during his university years that he started being known as "S. S."

Through the early 1680s, Icol, increasingly preoccupied with his wife's poor health, gradually introduced S. S. to the art of managing the family business. S. S. formally took over from his father in 1684 after Adrienne's death, and has since promoted a new focus within the company upon engaging public interest in geography and associated topics.

His contributions to documenting and popularizing the new Federation of Alduria-Wechua through maps, sponsored by Queen Alexandra, resulted in his elevation to Count of Narbonne in 1689, followed by an award of the Order of National Merit in 1693.


S. S. Bucolos is known to be a supporter of the Union for a Democratic Movement at the federal level. From 1685 onward there were unsubstantiated rumors in recent years that friends were urging him to consider running for office, though he took some care to avoid overtly invoking politics in connection with his business; however, any nascent urges toward running for election were preempted by his elevation to the peerage and subsequent involvement in the Chamber of Peers.