Ransenari general election, 1683

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Ransenari general election, 1683
→ 1688

All 317 seats to the Ransenari Congress
159 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
  File:Sean O Callaghan.jpg File:Wilson Hart.jpg File:Fridwald Peter.png
Leader Sean O'Callaghan Wilson Hart Fridwald Peter
Party Imperial Democratic Party Ransenari Liberation Party Golden Order Coalition
Leader's seat Goldfield Syrelwynn Teldrin
Last election 210 42 28
Seats won 197 49 43
Seat change 13 7 15

Fourth party Sixth party
  File:JamesonMoore.png File:Rusty Milburn.jpg
Leader Jameson Moore Rusty Milburn
Party Agrarian Party of Ransenar Buffalo Party of Ransenar
Leader's seat Airle Lune Villa
Last election 18 12
Seats won 13 16
Seat change 5 4

Lord Chief Steward before election

Sean O'Callaghan (IDP)

Subsequent Lord Chief Steward

Sean O'Callaghan (IDP)