Ransenar Royal Decree I

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Proclamation of Accession
Palace of Termarth
Subject Accession of Queen Salome I
Decreed by Queen Salome I
Regent: Ruadh Aldric
Extent Kingdom of Ransenar
Royal Assent 24.IX.1673 AN
Commencement 24.IX.1673 AN

RD-I, or Ransenari Royal Decree I, is the first royal decree issued by the Queen of Ransenar, in 24.IX.1673 AN. It was issued from the Palace of Termarth in Goldfield, Ransenar.

This Royal Decree is the Proclamation of Accession of Queen Salome I to the throne of Ransenar, serving as one of the founding documents of the Kingdom of Ransenar. She assumed the titles of Queen of Ransenar, Light of the Realm, Duchess of Goldfield, Defender of the People of Ransenar, and Guardian of Goldshire.

The Proclamation of Accession took place before the Lord High Steward, the Provisional Government, and designated representatives and officials from the Ransenari Congress at the Palace of Termarth, the official residence in Goldfield of the Ransenari monarchs. It was signed and certified by all who attended.



RD-I was countersigned by a long list of public officials. As the first official act of the Queen, it was seen as important and prestigious to be part of the signing of the Proclamation of Accession.

Shirerithian Representatives

  • Li Raion Naomiai Avon-El Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine, The Marchioness of Sentratera, Regent for Salome Ylva Octavia [personal representative of the Kaiseress/Queen]
  • Chrysostom Wythe, Lord Wythe, Imperial Minister of the Exterior [representing the Imperial Government]
  • Adept and Special Envoy from the Imperial Household Maziar Alamgirui [representing the Imperial Court]

Regent and Lord Protector

Transitional Government

  • Lord Chief Steward Sean O'Callaghan
  • Minister of State Willihard Cason
  • Minister of Defense and Security Troy Lyon
  • Minister of Breweries and Tourism Fiachna McGee
  • Minister of Trade and Finance Soroush Karimi
  • Minister of Transportation and Communications Archembald Murdock

  • Minister of Public Works and Construction Shahrokh Darzi
  • Minister of Culture and Religion Helmut Lennon
  • Minister of Social Solidarity and National Welfare Averill Morris
  • Minister of Health and Sanitation Sadeq Kersey
  • Minister of Shirerithian Affairs Azad Teagan

Representatives of the Ransenari Congress

  • Tiernan Lennon
  • Fionn Malone
  • Michal Minnagh
  • Siobhan Keegan
  • Ronan O'Lonergan

  • Harvey O'Moriarty
  • Cole O'Quinn
  • John MacGilloway
  • Filip Nyland
  • Alexander Neenan


WHEREAS it hath pleased the Gods that We should rule over the Kingdom of Ransenar, a Realm separate, independent, and free from the Imperial Republic of Shireroth, and that the Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties of the Crown are now borne by Ourselves, We do exercise them in the following manner;

WE, THEREFORE, accept the Will of the people of Ransenar, duly manifested through its Transitional Government and through its representative bodies, the Ransenari Congress, and the representatives of the different cities and localities of Ransenar, that We shall serve as the only lawful and rightful Sovereign, QUEEN SALOME I, by the Grace and Blessings of the Gods, the Queen of Ransenar, Light of the Realm, Duchess of Goldfield, Defender of the People of Ransenar, and Guardian of Goldshire, in and over the people and Kingdom of Ransenar, to whom now all faith and constant obedience, with all hearty and humble affection are now due;

WE, THEREFORE, appoint in Our minority of age, Our Trusted and Beloved Advisor, Ruadh Aldric, as Regent and Lord Protector of the Kingdom of Ransenar and Count of Teldrin, with the title of Count of Teldrin confined to his legal and true heirs and successors;

WE, THEREFORE, solemnly promise, affirm, and swear to govern the Peoples of the Kingdom of Ransenar according to its respective laws and customs, affirming the Constitution of the Kingdom of Ransenar as the Supreme Law of the Land, and to cause Law and Justice, in Mercy, to be executed in all Our judgements and decisions;

WITNESSED BY the Lords Temporal of this Realm, being here assisted by the Lord High Steward and the Ministers of the Transitional Government, and with other Principal Gentlemen and Ladies of Quality, with the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of Goldfield;

Given at Termarth Palace this 24th day of the IXth month of the year 1673 AN.


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