Punta Santiago International Airport

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Punta Santiago International Airport
Code: PIA
Airport type Public–Private Partnership
Owner Owner: Punta Santiago Port Authority

Operator: Kerularios & Company

Serves Punta Santiago, Alduria
Direction Length Surface
ft m
8/26 10,400 3,170 Asphalt
10/28 8,016 2,443 Concrete

Punta Santiago International Airport is a joint civil-military international airport named located in suburban Punta Santiago, Alduria. It is the busiest airport in Alduria by passenger traffic.

The airport is owned by the Punta Santiago Ports Authority and managed by Kerularios & Company, a public-private partnership which was awarded a lease by the government of the city of Punta Santiago to operate and manage the airport for 40 years beginning in 1673 AN. Taxis and rental cars can transport travelers to and from the airport. The airport covers 1,600 acres (647 ha) of land.




Punta Santiago International Airport has one main terminal building with four concourses and a separate terminal with one concourse. All terminals are connected.

Terminal A

Terminal A is occupied solely by Air Alduria, the largest airline in Alduria.

The A Lounge, an all-inclusive VIP airport lounge, known for its wide variety of rum cocktails, is located in Terminal A.

Terminal B (Concourse)

Terminal B reopened after a $130 million renovation in 1672 AN, with several different airlines as its tenants:

Terminal B is the largest of all the currently open terminals. It contains a wide variety of restaurants and shops. It also houses key administrative offices for the airport personnel and for many Aldurian aviation security agencies.

Terminal C (Concourse)

Terminal C was inaugurated in 1673 AN. The letter designation for Terminal C was initially discontinued, and the concourse was instead added as an extension to Terminal B. The Terminal B extension was later changed back to Terminal C in early 1674.

Both Terminals B and C feature high-end retail stores and new restaurants, improved seating as well as high-tech automated baggage scanners.

An VIP airport lounge is located at the entrance of Terminal C. This all-inclusive lounge is operated by the Micras Airport Lounge Network.

It currently has several different airlines as its tenants:

  • Airline 1
  • Airline 2
  • Airline 3
  • Airline 4
  • Airline 5
  • Airline 6
  • Airline 7

Terminal D (Concourse) | Closed

Terminal D is currently under construction and is planned to open in late 1675 AN.

Terminal E (Concourse) | Closed

Terminal E is currently under construction. It will include the Punta Santiago Excelsior Hotel, a high-end hotel that will contain bars, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, a high-tech business center, and over 500 rooms for guests. Terminal E is slated for a grand opening in 1676 AN.

Airlines and destinations


Airline Destinations
Air Alduria Constancia Constancia: Aqaba, Nivardom, Asterapolis, Raspur.

Wechua Wechua: Parap, Rimarima.
Krasnocoria Krasnocoria: Grandbay.
Natopia Natopia: Lindstrom, Dos Gardenias, Redquill, Port St. Andre.
Ransenar Ransenar: Goldfield, Airle.

AirKor Krasnocoria Krasnocoria: Grandbay, Nuví Pelezu
Air Sanama Sanama Sanama: Niyi, Fatehpur Sikri
AeroWechua Wechua Wechua: Parap, Rimarima, San Francisco.
PalAir Palesmenia Palesmenia: Ábbad.
Florian Airlines Florian Republic Florian Republic: Northcliff St. Farrar International Airport


Airline Destinations
Higko Wings Sanama Sanama: Higko City


Airline Destinations
Imperial Constancian Airways Corporation Constancia Constancia: Raspur Airport
Air Sanama Sanama Sanama: Niyi


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