Political Development Notes

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August 9, 2017

Political Party Name Political Spectrum Position Notes
Conservative Party of Alexandria Center-Right Big Tent Party Example
Social Democratic Alliance Center-Left Big Tent Party Example
Freedom and Democracy Party Libertarian/Minarchist Party Example
Christian Democrat Union of Alexandria Socially conservative, fiscally liberal? Think religious social justicey-types. Example
The Greens Environmental, EcoSocialism Example
Party of Varennes Regional political party representing the interests of the Varennais (Catalan) minority Example
Alexandrian Front Far-Right Nationalists Example

August 14, 2017

The First Party System: two major political parties: Democratic Party and Monarchist Coalition Party
The Second Party System: three major political parties: Liberal Party, Democratic Party, Conservative Party
The Third Party System: three major political parties: Social Democratic Rally, Conservative Party, Liberal Party
The Fourth Party System (current): Social Democratic Alliance, Conservative Party

Party Colors:

SDA = Red FF0017

Conservative = Blue 0017FF

Liberty and Democracy = Yellow FFFF00 or Goldenrod DAA520

CDU = Teal 00FFF7

Green = 1FFF00

Party of Varennes = peach FFDAB9

Alexandrian Front = dark blue 000B7C

Independent = grey CBCBCF