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Immediate priority

Pages to develop

  • Aldricism
  • In connection with Aldricism, further development of the Shirithian House of Aldric, the office of Lord Protector in Ransenar, the life of Hartmut Aldric, etc. Details about the intersection of Hartmut, Audun Joel/Kaiser Hjalmar Redquill, Harald, Vanicism, etc. - the relationships and the shifts/changes in those relationships as internal tensions between Harald/Vanafolk in Shireroth and the rest of the country (that later resulted in the Auspicious Occasion under Kaiser Dominus;
    • Hartmut seen as an idealist, but a flawed but admirable figure that tried to govern Shireroth well. He is seen as strong, charismatic, well-spoken, and affable. Key advisor and lover of Kaiser Hjalmar Redquill, who implemented many policies Hartmut recommended that laid ground to the ideology or values of the Aldricist movement later on.
    • Hartmut was instrumental in advising Kaiser Hjalmar Redquill to change his mind about allowing the Landsraad to elect his successor as national tensions, instead opting to appoint
  • Administrative divisions of Nouvelle Alexandrie
    • Finalize details of page, fill out completely.
      • Include sections on who currently are the regional leaders, regional legislatures, and details about the Regional Governments
      • Update all maps in the page with current/updated maps that show where they are in NAX and what territory(ies) they cover