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[[|270px|Oye photomontage|frameless]]
[[|100px|Flag of Oye|frameless]]
[[|55px|Coat of Arms of Oye|frameless]]
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Oye: Somos Caminandes Aquí"
Martino: "Oye: We're walking here."
[[|270px|Location of Oye|frameless]]
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Official language(s)
 - Adjective Oyene/-o/-a
  Alcalde Biel de Tryphene
Legislature Cuidadanía de Oyo
Time zone(s)

Oye is a major city in the Islas de la Libertad archipelago.

Founded as Oe during the New Kaikias Settlement, during Antican times, it served as a major port in the Kato Metropolitan Area. After the fall of the Second Antican Republic, Oe remained a local population center. Under Alduria-Wechua administration, Oye continues to have a significant Antican population, which has a major influence on city culture and the local Martino dialect.


Oye is governed by a municipal council called The Citizenry of Oye (Mt. Ciudadanía de Oye), which elects a portion of its membership to the Senate, exercises oversight of the Senate, and passes legislation. Its members hold the title of Delegate in District (Mt. Delegade/o/a en Distrito ).

The Senate of Oye (Mt. Senado de Oye) is elected as a slate from and by the Citizenry, and serves as the city executive. The leader of the Senate holds the title of Mayor of Oye (Mt. Alcalde de Oye), while the other members of the Senate hold the title of Senator of Oye in District (Mt. Senador de Oye en Distrito ). Each member of the Senate is assigned a portfolio by the Mayor.

The current Mayor of Oye is Biel de Tryphene, a member of the Green List and Delegate of Oye in Quedi. His senatorial portfolio is Ports and Scientific Research.


Oyene culture is heavily influenced by its Antican roots and population, which pervades the main island of the Islas de la Libertad archipelago.


Despite no longer being the dominant or predominant demographic, Antican religious practices still hold significant public sway, with several calendar holidays for major festivals. The Nazarene Faith, which had already been a significant minority religion during the New Kaikias period, now holds co-equivalent status in Oye and the overall region.


The Oyene Dialect of Martino is distinct in its preference for epicene forms for generic statements, mixed-gender groups, or gender-variant individuals. This is theorized variously to be a holdover from Antican cultural sensibilities or a result of founder effect, due the initial phases of Aldurian settlement of the archipelago consisting of Neo-Leftist elements inspired by the islands' deep Baracãoan history.

In gender-varying word forms, the use of a neutral -e/-es is considered unmarked, while the masculine -o/-os and feminine -a/-as are considered marked. This is exemplified in the city motto, "Oye: Somos Caminandes Aquí", where the present participle uses the unmarked -es ending to emphasize that it covers all inhabitants. The demonym Oyene, rather than the more typical Oyeno/Oyena, also features this. This preference extends to use of the article le/les and the pronoun elle.

Oyene speech also shows a heavier preference for collective or abstract nouns, e.g. la gerencia "the management" versus les gerentes "the managers", speaking often in terms of classes and groups rather than collections of individuals.

It is common in the Oyene Dialect to address people as "Friend" (Mt. Amigue/o/a) rather than "Sir/Ma'am" (Mt. Señor/Señora), and to use familiar second-person pronouns.