Operation Northern Shield

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Operation Northern Shield is an ongoing military exercise beginning 1694, led by the Imperial Constancian Armed Forces and coordinated with the Trans-Euran Continental Theatre Command. It is intended to secure the porous borders of the Imperial State of Constancia fronting the newly-expanded areas of the Republic of Antakia and to reinforce the efforts of the Borders Control Agency and State Protection Authority.

Building upon lessons learned from the Razjania Maneuvers, also known as Operation Brandy, Operation Northern Shield was also a test of the logistics, administrative, and operational capacities of the Imperial Constancian Armed Forces, as well as of the coordination and interoperability of the Trans-Euran Continental Theatre Command.


  • 12.VII.1694 - Imperial General Staff approves operational concept. Staff planning and preparation begins.
  • 14.VII.1694 - Command and operational staff of the Ethnikí Frourá (Home Guard) are briefed.
  • 16.VII.1694 - Command and operational staff of the 504th Army (Prosgeiosi Basileus) and 505th Army (Aqaba Province), are called to active duty to begin their planning and preparations. Involvement of formations assigned to the Nivardom Banner Command's area of operations cancelled at the behest of Trans-Euran Command owing to prior operational commitments.
  • 18.VII.1694 - Select units of the Legeóna ton Xénon Konstantinanoú (Constancian Foreign Legion) are activated.
  • 21.VII.1694 - 41st (Northern) Division of the 504th Army (Prosgeiosi Basileus) of the Ethnikí Frourá (Home Guard) is called to active duty. Units begin mobilizing in brigade armories and depots in Despoinapolis, Arak, Areté Competitive City, and Shahrzadpolis, before beginning deployments along the border.
  • 23.VII.1694 - Warning and mobilization orders issued to the entire 504th Army (Prosgeiosi Basileus) and 505th Army (Aqaba Province). Test assemblies and reporting to mustering areas begin.
  • 14.IX.1694 - Operation Northern Shield begins.

Contributing forces

Nation Units Personnel Equipment
Constancia Constancia
(Imperial Constancian Armed Forces)
501st Army (Western)
  • Sóma Syndyasménon Óplon "Γ"
  • - Merarhia Pezonauton (Marine Division)
    - Merarhia Ippikou (Cavalry Division)
  • Sóma Syndyasménon Óplon "Δ"
  • - Tethorakismeni Merarhia (Armoured Division)
    - Aftokratorikí Frourá (Imperial Guard)
Aqabah Command (Western)
  • Sóma Syndyasménon Óplon "Ε"
  • - Aerometaferomeni Merarhia (Airborne Division)
    - Merarhia Pezikou (Infantry Division)
Nivardom Command (Eastern)
  • Sóma Syndyasménon Óplon "Ζ"
  • - Mihanokiniti Merarhia (Mechanised Division)
    - Merarhia Oreivaton (Mountain Division)
Western Sector
  • Constancian Army – 7,200
  • Home Guard – 172,800
Eastern Sector
  • Constancian Army – 2,400
  • Home Guard – 57,600
Western Sector
  • Horjin CV35 – 2,991
  • 80 mm Field Gun – 300
  • 82 mm Mortar – 1,936
Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua
(Military of Alduria-Wechua)
Susa Command (Western)
  • I (Alduria) Combined Arms Corps
  • - 36th Rapid Response Unit
    - 10th Territorial Defence Unit
  • 1st Air Fleet
  • Aldurian Army – 9,720
  • C-11 Mula – 16
  • T-4/A-4 Flecha – 64
  • Ahvaz utility land cruiser – 146
  • Polybolos 12.7 mm HMG – 468
  • M1525 9 mm Pistol – 1,950
  • M1581 7.62 mm Machine Carbine – 2,926
  • M1591 7.62 mm Rifle – 2,926
  • M1656 9 mm SMG – 4,878
  • Florian Cocktails – 439,024
  • M1681 105 mm howitzer – 16
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