Nouvelle Alexandrian Storylines

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This Page is a central location for the tracking and development of storylines, news articles, wiki articles, and any other similar projects or endeavors that contribute to the narrative (and that people need to react to).

  1. New Alexandrian general election, 1708
    1. New Alexandrian general election, 1708/Meta
    2. Council of State of Nouvelle Alexandrie
    3. Social Democratic & Liberal Alliance
    4. Moderate Caucus (Nouvelle Alexandrie)
    5. People's Liberty Congress
    6. New Alexandrian regional elections, 1708
    7. Federal Elections Commission
    8. Itziar Franco
    9. Jose Miguel Martin
    10. Nadya Camille Albert
    11. Freedom Party of Nouvelle Alexandrie
    12. Digger's Society
    13. People's Liberty Congress
  2. 1708 Goldfield bombing
    1. Freya's Battlers
    2. Ransenar
    3. Update the details of the government of Ransenar, etc.
  3. 1708 Cárdenas Farmers' Market bombing
    1. Freya's Battlers
    2. Cárdenas
  4. Recession of 1708
  5. 1708 Battler's Raid
  6. 1709 Federation Games
    1. Fresh off victory from Vanic terrorism, Federation Games meant to celebrate unity, victory, and the hard work and sacrifice to keep the country united and safe. Sports, human excellence, yada yada yada.
  7. Spirit of '09 Movement
    1. NAX's Counterculture movement, student-led
    2. Develop details about higher education in Nouvelle Alexandrie
    3. Student grassroots organizations, labor organizations