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Capital of Altus
Nation: Altusian Republic
Population: 238,988 (1668)
Predominant language: Alexandrian,

Main roads: Roads.
Major districts: The Ancient Quarter
Fort Defiant
The Port of Norvind
Capital Hill
Nouveau Geneve

Current Government: City-State Government of Norvind
- Mayor Lucien Valverde
- Director of Public Safety: Ignace Beaulieu
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Post-Third Euran War

In light of the Third Euran War and the subjugation of the Union of the Republics of Zeed to Raspur Pact control, Norvind began a renaissance as improved infrastructure due to the war, Nouvelle Alexandrie sovereignty, minimal bureaucracy, and its relative proximity to Zeed resulted in numerous business establishments and entrepreneurs setting up shop and representative offices on the island, with real estate in the Nouveau Geneve and L'Aigle districts fetching top ecu.