Neo-Iterran Empire

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A Euran rebel movement and unrecognised state, the polity that was termed by outside observers to be the Neo-Iterran Empire laid claim to the legacy of Iteru and sought to restore the riverine kingdom in the aftermath of the fall of Antakia and amidst the chaos of an invasion of the region staged by the Raspur Pact.


Djefy, the Overseer of Priests in the Iterran Nomarchy of Damietta (Tamiati), preserved the Temple of Amun as a bastion of the people when Iteru was overthrown during the course of the Second Euran War.

"I gave bread to the hungry and clothing to the naked; I anointed those who had no cosmetic oil; I gave sandals to the barefooted; I gave a wife to him who had no wife. I took care of the town of Tamiati in every situation of crisis, when the sky was clouded and the earth was parched and when everybody died of hunger on this sandbank of Apophis (the southern shore of the River Nouradin)."
—Dfefy, Inscription dated 1690 AN.

When at last Djefy passed from this world in 1695 AN the hereditary office of overseer of priests, along with the custodianship of the Temple of Amun, passed to his eldest son Ankhtifi. During the days in which the power of Thraci came into Nomarchy of Damietta it was all that Ankhtifi could do to preserve the culture and faith of the Iterran peoples.