National Research and Development Corporation

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National Research and Development Corporation
Type Government-owned corporation
Industry Defense
Founded 1671 AN
Headquarters Punta Santiago, Alduria Alduria
  • Military aerospace
  • Missiles
  • Defense electronics
  • Protection systems
  • Naval systems

The National Research and Development Corporation (NRDC), colloquially known as Nirdac, is a New Alexandrian state-owned defense technology company. It was originally founded by the Republic of Alduria in 1671 AN as the national R&D defense lab for the development of weapons and military technology within the Department of Defense by Presidential Order 005, under President Alejandro Campos. Under the Seydlitz administration, the NRDC grew in size, funding, and scope, as Alduria developed its military and its defense industry grew. Under the Federation, the NRDC continued to be the main research arm for the Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie, often being the bridge between the public and the private sector, especially with Raspur Pact partners and domestic private defense companies.

NRDC develops and produces weapons, military, and defense technologies for the Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie and for export abroad. All current projects are classified.


Civilian technology transfer

In 1682 AN, the Aldurian Development Corporation (ADC), a technology transfer company, was established as a joint venture with Kerularios & Company in order to commercialize applications based on defense technologies for various industries.


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