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CARDENAS, FCD -- Four political parties, including one major national one, have all lost their electoral registry due to inactivity.

Cambio Democrático, the Union for a Democratic Movement, the Worker’s Labor Party, and the Rally for the Empire have all lost their electoral registrations with the National Elections Commission. All parties have lost all their members and their leadership has remained unresponsive to repeated attempts to contact them for confirmation of their party registration.

The dissolution of Cambio Democrático, in particular, is a stunning change of fortune for the party, which was the second-largest party in the Cortes Federales.

The dissolution of so many political parties has also resulted in the creation and establishment of new political parties. This has resulted in many members of the Federal Assembly joining some of the new political parties, giving them representation in said body.

The new political parties being formed are:

The Progressive Federalist Party has re-branded and renamed itself the Solidarity Party, absorbing 65 Deputies that were formerly part of Cambio Democrático.

Four Deputies from Cambio Democrático defected to the Federal Humanist Party.

Sixteen Deputies formerly from Cambio Democrático remain unaligned, some of them declaring themselves as political independents.

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