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Monty Crisco
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Country Kingdom of Ransenar
Capital Cercé
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Area TBC
Postcode(s) MC
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A County of Ransenar, formerly and historically associated with Shireroth's Imperial Duchy of Brookshire.


Monty Crisco is located in the northeastern corner of Brookshire, immediately bordering the Imperial County, Woodshire, Caverden, Crestfallen Downs, and Krazilec. The River Elwynn forms the county's northern and eastern boundary.


The history of Monty Crisco is deceptively understated, having begun as a contentious conquered region during the First Era, a source of pretenders during the Second Era, and a source of various political intrigues during the early Third Era. Even so, it has succeeded at remaining outside of the crosshairs during military conflicts and has suffered mostly through bad karma.

During the First Era, the region was settled by an indigenous population related to those found in western Goldshire. One of the region's leaders was Krzyszko, who swore fealty to Kaiser Raynor I, and used the Imperial favor to purge the region of rivals and founded the House of Krzyszko. His grandson rebelled under Kaiser Brrapa II, but swore fealty to the usurping Kaiser Nicholas I, who was of a member of a cadet branch of the Line of Metzler. A Count Cryszco V married his daughter to the a member of the senior branch of the Line of Metzler, who then used the Crisco powerbase to propel him to the throne as Brrapa III, restoring the Line of Metzler to power. This event, and Brrapa III's inability to produce a viable heir, threw the realm into chaos, ending the First Era.

During the Second Era, the Line of Metzler continued to rule as Counts of Mount Crysco, using it to seize the throne four times: Kaiser Brrapa IV in 1011, Kaiser Iago I in 1269, Kaiser Iago II in 1279, and Kaiser John II in 1375 through an alliance with daemons. Following John II's overthrow, possession of Monty Crisco passed to Kaiser Erik II and the Line of Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler, who had overthrown him.

During the Third Era, the county was involved in a series of inter-comital alliances, though remained economically backward in the relation to other parts of Brookshire, which were industrializing. From the rule of Kaiseress Anandja I until the rise of the Necrarchs, the the County of Monty Crisco had been in a constant state of rebellion, especially under Kaiser Aurangzeb. The County was brought under heel by the reigns of Mira Raynora Major and Minor, then utterly ravaged by the Cabbage Crisis, destroying much of the economy. Since then, it has been partially resettled under the watchful eye of the Imperial Capital. The new economy of Monty Crisco is primarily agroindustrial, taking advantage of new automated techniques and a radical restructuring of the old, fractured tenant plots into large plantations.


The culture of Monty Crisco can be simply described as "melancholic". Despite being the seat of many kaisers from the Line of Metzler and later of Ly'Technomaezj-Metzler, Criscans have rarely been in nor sought the spotlight. Its alliance with Alexandretta and the subsequent dissolution of that alliance has helped to form the modern Criscan mentality. According to stories, the Count of Monty Crisco and the Baroness/Countess of Alexandretta became impassioned lovers; however, the love affair came to a tragic and heart wrenching end. It is said that the count of the time was so distraught that he spiraled into a deep depression, and as a result the county as a whole suffered.

This story may also explain the high prevalence of depression within the county's population, tied with its recurrent economic troubles. The county's state forests regularly patrol for suicides.


Despite its relaxed culture and relatively small part in any historical context, Monty Crisco was one of the first counties to develop a Militia for itself. Till the Creation of the Monty Crisco Airborne Militia, most military forces had been concentrated at the Barony level and higher. "The Corps", as it is known in Monty Crisco, is a militia under the direct command of the count and consists entirely of recruits from inside the county. The Corps is the only military force sanctioned by the county for internal defense and external actions. Though rarely called to service, the Corps has fought in a few limited engagements outside the county. Usually deployed within the Duchy of Brookshire or neighboring lands, the Corps once fought at the City of Shirekeep itself defending it against a rebellion. The Corps also had the distinction of precipitating the small conflict between the Kaiser and many noble in the Fall of 2007, when Kaiser Mors V had them deploy in Port Nevermore in the Barony of Lumina's Light for no explainable reason.


Major Estates

Montrano (Montreano): Abandoned during the Cabbage Crisis and left in abeyance until acquired as a rural home for Kaiser Ayreon IV.

Ropastahl Estate: Owned by the minor noble family, Ropastahl.

Łestkin Estate: Owned by the minor noble family, Łestkin.