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Monarchy of Nouvelle Alexandrie

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The Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Proclamation of Punta Santiago

Monarchy of Nouvelle Alexandrie

H.M. Manco Cápac I

H.M. Alexandra, Queen Consort

House of Inti-Carrillo

Nobility of Nouvelle Alexandrie

His Majesty's Government

President of the Government of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Vice-President of the Government of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Council of State of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Executive Departments of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Executive Government Agencies of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Cortes Federales of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Chamber of Peers of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Federal Assembly of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Political Parties:

High Court of Justice of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Laws of Nouvelle Alexandrie

Regions of Nouvelle Alexandrie

The monarchy of Nouvelle Alexandrie was established in 1685 AN by the Proclamation of Punta Santiago. It comprises the reigning monarch, his or her family, and the Royal Household. The reigning house is known as the House of Inti-Carrillo. The monarchy of Nouvelle Alexandrie is currently represented by King Manco Cápac I, his wife Queen Alexandra (formerly a Princess of Alexandria), and their children, Crown Prince Titu, Princess Nayaraq, and Prince Tupac.

The Proclamation of Punta Santiago was both a declaration of federation and a blueprint for its future in one grand document. Its drafting took many difficult rounds of negotiations, often needing advice or counsel from many different sources, including leaders in the Raspur Pact. To bring wide public support to the Federation (especially in the most traditional parts of the Wechua Nation), the Sapa Wechua was made King of the Federation and commissioned with the work of remaining above temporal matters, to serve as a ceremonial head of state and a figure of national unity. This was mainly because it was only Manco Cápac who could muster a wide gamut of support and personal popularity in both Alduria and the Wechua Nation. With the crown of the Federation vested on him and his successors, the nascent Federation quickly began to project confidence, stability, and legitimacy, leading to greater public support for it.

The current New Alexandrian monarchy is deeply informed by its past. The Wechua people are one of many ancient indigenous people of Keltia, who themselves saw monarchies and rulers take many different shapes and forms under Attera, Vanderveer Reich, Hamland (later became Caputia) and Alexandria. It was Alexandria and Caputia in particular who inspired and shaped the establishment of the late popular constitutional Wechua monarchy after the end of the Wechua Spring in 1663 AN.

In 1686 AN, King Manco Cápac I established the royal house of Inti-Carrillo via decree, outlining its rules and regulations, among other details. The name was adopted to reflect that it is the union of the reigning houses of the Wechua Nation and the old Alexandrian Empire. The name "Inti" derives from the claim that the Sapa Wechua is the son of the Wechua God Inti. The name "Carrillo" comes from the late imperial house of Alexandria, House of Carrillo, from which Queen Alexandra comes from.

The current budget for the New Alexandrian monarchy is 11.23 million (1706 AN).


The King

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The Crown, constitution, and royal prerogatives

Public role

Household of the King

Royal Guard


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