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File:NAF States 1693AN.png
Map of Nouvelle Alexandrie down to the state level.

The Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie is a nation located in the world of Micras, with its metropole based on the continents of Eura and Keltia. It was formed in 1685 AN, after years of integration talks between the nations of Alduria and the Wechua Nation through the Committee for Alduro-Wechu Integration. The Federation's capital is the city of Cárdenas.

Nouvelle Alexandrie is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. Its monarch and head of state is King Manco Cápac I. The Council of State, led by a President of the Government, is the collective head of government of the Federation. The Proclamation of Punta Santiago is the Federation's founding document and the cornerstone of the nascent Federation's unified legal code.

The Federation is home to many different peoples and cultures. Through Alduria, the cultures of Eura are represented through its Alexandrian, Caputian, Natopian, Babkhi, and Ladino heritage. The Wechua Nation in Keltia is home to one of its indigenous people, the Wechua people, along with the Alexandrian and Caputian peoples. Nouvelle Alexandrie is the intersection of these cultures, leading to the development of rich and complicated history and culture, with its own customs and pecularities.

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A map of the Alduro-Wechua Federation, lands in purple.

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The world of Micras is the fictional conworld that Alduria-Wechua is located on. The Federation has land on two continents, Eura and Keltia. The Micronational Cartography Society (commonly known as the MCS) is the central cartographic authority in Micras. The Society maps all the nations in Micras, large or small, providing they meet a basic set of criteria for age and activity. The MCS keeps the map up to date and provides other services for its members like the use of the Hub.MN message board.

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