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Nouvelle Alexandrie

Who's Who of Nouvelle Alexandrie
Mahdi Vossoughi
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Titles and Offices Held
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Full Name Mahdi Hassan Vossoughi
  • Mohammed Vossoughi
  • Fatima Hadid
Birth Date 8.X.1620 AN
  • Married to Ignacia Rivas, m. 1655
  • Two sons: Grover and Edward
Citizenship Date Sept 15, 2020
City and Region of Residence Piriya, Alduria, Baatharzi Autonomous State
Dual Citizenship None.

Dr. Mahdi Hassan Vossoughi, PhD, (b. 8.X.1620 AN) is an Alduro-Wechua engineer, academic, physician, and politician. He currently serves as a member of the Alduro-Wechua Council of State, as Secretary of Social Security and National Solidarity. He is a member of the Coalition for Federal Progress federally and of the Democratic Socialist Party regionally in the Baatharzi Autonomous State of Alduria.

He is known for being the legislative and structural architect of the newly established Federal Health System, working with Alejandro Campos and Vicaquirao Alvarez to develop the system and lead its organization and implementation.

Vossoughi entered politics by running for a seat in the Parliament of Alduria during the Aldurian parliamentary elections of 1682 AN. He describes himself as a Federalist and a social democrat, but a strong supporter of local autonomy. He was elected as one of 7 Democratic Socialist MPs from the Baatharzi Autonomous State. From 1683 AN to 1685 AN, he served as Mayor of the city of Piriya. He was a popular leader, guiding the city through its reconstruction and the preservation of Baatharzi culture and architecture in that reconstruction.

Born in Piriya, Vossoughi attended the University of Punta Santiago and is a graduate of the Dos Gardenias School of Medicine.