Joint Committee for Goldshire

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The Joint Committee for Goldshire (JCG) is a joint committee composed of key political and economic leaders from the Sovereign Confederation and the Kingdom of Ransenar. It has members that are either appointed directly by the executive branch of each nation or appointed via resolution of each of the signatory nation's legislatures.

The JCG is tasked by the Treaty of Avakir with the negotiation and establishment of a future federal Kingdom of Goldshire and with the administration of the Sovereign-Ransenari Union and the common policy fields that it has under its responsibilities, which are:

  • foreign policy;
  • economic and budgetary policy (shared use of the Sovereign Avak);
  • defense;
  • transportation and infrastructure.



The Joint Committee for Goldshire was dissolved in 1678 AN. However, cooperation continues between the Sovereign Confederation and the Kingdom of Ransenar in all matters of common agreement.


Nation Delegation Other Officials and Members
Sovereign Confederation Sovereign Confederation
  • Regent & Speaker for the Parliament of DARA Doir Jen Mera
  • Count Richard Taprik-Mirkdale of Holwinn
  • Chairman of the New Committee of Overnumismators Gertrude Dormsly
  • Frainan Hohmin Selardi Jen Daniyal, Cmdr – Eastern Banner Group
  • Overnumismator Jonathan Dwinton
  • Director of the Stonetree Neutral Territory Johen Rinsly Brines
  • Founder Ryker 01 (obvservation only)
Ransenar Ransenar
  • Lord High Steward Sean O'Callaghan
  • Minister of State Willihard Cason
  • Minister of Defense and Security Troy Lyon
  • Minister of Trade and Finance Soroush Karimi
  • Minister of Transportation and Communications Archembald Murdock

Associate Members:

  • Minister of Public Works and Construction Shahrokh Darzi
  • Minister of Culture and Religion Helmut Lennon
  • Minister of Social Solidarity and National Welfare Averill Morris
  • Minister of Health and Sanitation Sadeq Kersey
  • Minister of Shirerithian Affairs Azad Teagan
  • Minister of Education and Technology Jean Dumariel

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