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Hurmu–Nouvelle Alexandrie relations

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File:Hurmu flag.png
Flag of Hurmu
File:Nouvelle Alexandrie flag.png
Flag of Nouvelle Alexandrie

The relations between Hurmu and the Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie are close and warm. Relations are characterised by shared democratic values, a market-based economy with extensive cross-border trade, and the equality of sentient life and regard for sentient rights, as well as their opposition to Vanic extremism. Both countries share a border in Lyrica, making them the only two countries to currently exercise sovereignty over the continent.

Crown Prince Titu and Crown Princess Abigail of Nouvelle Alexandrie are members of the Order of the Holy Lakes, as is their son, Prince Uturuncu.



Nouvelle Alexandrie Vesüha (e)
Nouvelle Alexandrie Ghawlama (cg)
Nouvelle Alexandrie Kaupang (cg)
Hurmu Cárdenas (e)
Hurmu Punta Santiago (cg)
Hurmu Lausanne (cg)

Shared border

Hurmu and Nouvelle Alexandrie share a land border in northern Lyrica, and maritime borders in the same area.

Crossing the border between Nouvelle Alexandrie and Hurmu's Southern District is forbidden. Crossing is only allowed between Nouvelle Alexandrie and the Lake District. Visas are not necessary for Hurmu citizens crossing the border into Nouvelle Alexandrie, or for Nouvelle Alexandrie citizens crossing into Hurmu, if visits are done for the purpose of tourism. Visas are required for longer stay, for employment or for studies.

Border crossings

Western side
Hurmu: "Uusjärv Crossing", located west of Uusjärv (rail, road), with:
Nouvelle Alexandrie: "Punta Norte crossing", near Station V, east of Punta Norte

Eastern side
Hurmu: "Tingsala Crossing", located south of Tingsala (rail, road), with:
Nouvelle Alexandrie: "Fauquier crossing", north of Fauquier


Trade between the two countries is governed by the Hurmu–Raspur Pact Free Trade Agreement. There is thus free trade for many products, subject to checks along the border.

Trade is done through shipping and air, but also overland via the border crossings between Hurmu and Nouvelle Alexandrie.

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