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House of Toulon-Rutino

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The House of Toulon-Rutino (Tivianese Casa di Tolone-Rutino), more commonly known within Tiviana simply as the House of Toulon, has been the dynasty of the kings of that country, and of its predecessor Rutino, for the past three hundred years. The current head of the house and King of Tiviana is Xavier V.


The Counts of Toulon were Alexandrian nobles of relative antiquity but, for most of their history, little more than local prominence. The family's fortunes changed due to the valiant leadership of Count Augustin VII as part of the Royalist army that ended the Revolution of 1702, for which, in 1705, he was made a duke by the restored King Francis Joseph II. Augustin was one of the early supporters of the Duke of Nubinar, who after the death of Francis Joseph became Louis XIV, King and eventually Emperor of Alexandria, and his sons remained favored by the Emperor after Augustin's death in 1717.

The War of the Santanderian Succession drew in the participation of countries across the continent. King Charles IV of Rutino, as a male-line descendent of Pedro V of Santander, was among the claimants to the Santanderian throne, and therefore Rutino found itself pitted against Alexandria during the war. Carlo was pressured into abdication by an Alexandrian army and Rutino was occupied; seeking to turn the country into an ally, Louis XIV installed Xavier, the third of Augustin's four sons, as King of Rutino. As the husband of Carlo's daughter Catalina, he had at least a plausible dynastic connection to the country; as the scion of a family famously loyal to Francis Joseph, he was seen as also reliably pro-Alexandrian and reasonably docile.

As Kings of Rutino, the royal house remained largely amenable to Alexandrian interests throughout the 1700s, and after the extinction of the last of the more senior lines of the House in 1754, the accession of King Antonino III as Antonin I, Duke of Toulon, ensured that the royal family spent considerable time in Alexandria itself. The connection continued at least through the outbreak of the Revolution of 1774, when Antonino's brother, Xavier II, was forced to return to Rutino, whose people had become restive due to the continued absences of their monarchs; concentrating on restoring order there allowed Xavier to keep his throne, but it meant that he was able to provide little other than moral support to the deposed Emperor, or to his successor Francis Joseph III.


  • Xavier I (1697-1752), King of Rutino (r. ????-1752); third son of Augustin VII (1659-1717), Count then Duke of Toulon
    • Antonino III (1719-1764), aka "Jolly King Nino", King of Rutino (r. 1752-1764), also Duke of Toulon from 1754
    • Xavier II (1723-1791), King of Rutino (r. 1764-1791)
      • Xavier (1744-1779), Prince of Fienze from 1769
        • Agostino I (1768-1853), aka "Agostino the Great" and "Good King Tino", King of Rutino (1791-1828), then of Tiviana (r. 1828-1853)
          • Xavier III (1801-1857), King of Tiviana (r. 1853-1857)
            • Princess Iolanda (1820-1909), m. 1844 Cesare, Count of Airola (1814-1877)
              • Antonino (1851-1939) King of Tiviana (disputed, r. 1859-1863; Count of Airola 1877-1939)
            • Giustino, Prince of Fienze (1822-1854)
              • Agostino II (1843-1859), King of Tiviana (r. 1857-1859)
        • Donato, Duke of Venosa (1770-1859)
          • Lucio (1794-1861), King of Tiviana (disputed, r. 1859-1860)
        • Antonino, Duke of Cerredolo (1775-1852)
          • Xavier IV (1803-1881), aka "the Patriot-King", King of Tiviana (r. 1859-1881, disputed until 1863)
            • Carlo V (1830-1886), King of Tiviana (r. 1881-1886)
              • Antonino IV (1854-1925), King of Tiviana (r. 1886-1889, deposed)
                • Agostino III (1882-1959), King of Tiviana (r. 1890-1959)
                  • Donato (1919-2000), King of Tiviana (r. 1959-2000)
                    • Giustino (1945-2016), King of Tiviana (r. 2000-2016)
                      • Xavier V (b. 1978), King of Tiviana (r. 2016-present)
              • Luis, Duke of Gallo (1854-1949), King of Tiviana (r. 1889-1890, deposed)


The escutcheon of the House of Toulon-Rutino.

The escutcheon of the House is blazoned as Gules, a wolf's head erased and affronté, in chief a sun in splendour, all Or, or in Tivianese, Di rosso al riscontro di lupo strappato d'oro sormontato dal sole mezzogiorno. The motto associated with it is Temi il lupo che sta al sole (Beware the wolf that stands in the sun.)

The most prominent use of the House arms occurs as an inescutcheon on the arms of the Kingdom, which is used by the King and, suitably differenced, by children of the King. Other male-line descendants of the royal family, however, are entitled to differenced versions of the arms of the House

The undifferenced arms of Toulon, borne by the Counts and Dukes, included only the wolf's head, and their motto was Sicut lupus esurio. The addition of the sun, and the alteration to the motto, were done when Xavier I succeeded to the throne of Rutino. When the title of Duke of Toulon passed to Xavier's son, Antonino III, the original arms were not readopted.