Hanaq Sacha

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File:Hanaq Sacha.jpg
View of Union Square in Hanaq Sacha.

Hanaq Sacha, or High Hill, is a neighborhood in the Wechua capital of Parap that contains most of the foreign embassies and consulates, as well as the headquarters of the Wechua Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Considered one of Parap's premier residential addresses in the 1660s, Hanaq Sacha became known for its numerous mansions housing the Wechua social and political elites. The area obtained its name due to its hilly terrain, used as its name in promotional materials to sell the developed property as well as open lots for new construction. The segment between Manco Capac Circle and Union Square gained the nickname "Millionaires' Row". The collapse of the Wechua Nation at the end of the decade caused many to sell their homes and escape to Constancia or later, to Natopia and Alduria. The many and expansive old estates proved well-suited for use as embassies, and also as lodges of social clubs, giving the area its present identity.

In many parts of the neighborhood, many individual houses and mansions were replaced by larger office or apartment buildings as redevelopment and new construction revolutionized the neighborhood during the Restoration. Thousands of Wechua from abroad fueled the aggressive growth of the city and Hanaq Sacha benefitted from it. More recently, several prominent think tanks and political groups have clustered in that area as well.

Prominent locations