George Blakeslee

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George Blakeslee
Full name George Joseph Blakeslee
AKA George, El Alacrán
Physical information
Species Human
Race Caputian
Gender Male
Hair color and style Brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color Black
Biographical information
Father Horace Blakeslee (Hammish)
Mother Jacqueline Delacroix (Alexandrian)
Date of birth 1.XV.1621
Place of birth Forburgh, Caputia Caputia
Residence(s) Parap, Wechua Nation
Nationality Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua
Allegiance(s) Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua
Occupation Diplomat, politician

George Joseph Blakeslee (b. 1.XV.1621, Forburgh, Caputia Caputia) is an Alduro-Wechua politician belonging to the Coalition for Federal Progress currently serving as Secretary of Justice in the Council of State.

Prior to his immigration to the Wechua Nation from Caputia in 1668 AN, he was a prominent Caputian politician, having served as Foreign Minister of Caputia, Member of Parliament from Wakefield, and briefly, as interim political leader and military officer of the National Salvation Front.

Foreign noble of Shireroth as Baron Blakeslee of Barrowfield since 1661.