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Freyja's Battlers

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Freyja's Battlers
Founded 1685 AN
Active 1685 AN - Present
Type Terrorist organization
Battles and wars
Designated as a terrorist group by

The Freyja's Battlers (its own name, in Storish: Freyjas Battlari; Hurmu Norse: Froyu Battlarar); emerged in 1704 AN as one of the foremost amongst the radicalised groups of the Forsaken, the Vanic diehards who had refused to reconcile themselves to the fall of Stormark in 1685 AN and the subsequent partition of Lyrica between a restored Hurmu and Nouvelle Alexandrie.


Whilst the history of the organisation's foundation remained, as of 1706 AN, obscure to those opposing its rise, there have been indications of it being either a continuation or derivative of a Lyrican equivalent to the Vanic Temple Guard. Aside from the matriarchal leadership structure and the veneration of the goddess Freyja, one of the more telling indications has been the reputed desire, uncovered during the interrogation of captured operatives and propagandists, to cleanse and restore the Thingeyri Temple - the whereabouts of which remains presently unknown[1] - as an objective held in higher esteem by the membership of the organisation than the liberation of the Vanafolk or the restoration of the sacred institution of kingship.





1704 Opening of the Cortes terrorist plot

1706 Vanic insurgency


Designation as a terrorist group

Additionally, the organisation was designated as a legitimate target for direct action by the overseas legatine missions of the Benacian Union in 1706 AN.

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  1. The School of Micrasan Antiquities published a monograph in 1706 speculating upon the probability of its location being somewhere within the bounds of modern Pacary