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Flag of Daqianguo

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The flag of the Shí Dynasty.

The flag of Dàqiānguó is that of the ruling Shí Dynasty and its government. It consists of a blue field, in the center of which is a side view of a yellow lotus flower. Upon the lotus, in the same blue as the field, the characters 大實 dàshí are written vertically in the same blue as the field; this means "Great Shí", for the dynasty's name.

The lotus dates from the period immediately before the dynasty's ascension to the throne, when, as a Daqianese symbol of purity, it was adopted as a badge of support by the forces behind the Chún​jié Revolution that eventually brought down the Jìng Dynasty. As major supporters and beneficiaries of the Chún​jié forces, the Shi emperors have found it prudent to maintain this association.