Federal Legal Association Establishment Act, 1721

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Federal Legal Association Establishment Act, 1721
Long title An Act to Establish a Federal Bar Association for the Regulation of the Legal Profession in Nouvelle Alexandrie; and for Other Purposes.
Bill Number b-xxx
Introduced by Deputy Paolo Antonio Aguilar
Session of Cortes Federales 6th Cortes Federales
Extent Entire Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie
Bill Status Introduced
Date introduced 1721 AN
Other legislation
Amendments None
Related legislation Proclamation of Punta Santiago

Bill as submitted to the "Hopper" of the Federal Assembly, 1721




Establish a Federal Bar Association for the Regulation of the Legal Profession in Nouvelle Alexandrie; and for Other Purposes.


Presented by Deputy Paolo Antonio Aguilar, FHP

Ordered, by the Cortes Federales of Nouvelle Alexandrie,
to be Printed, 1721 AN.


BE IT ENACTED by the King’s Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Cortes Federales, in this present session assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:-


Article 1: Citation.

  1. This Act may be cited as the "Federal Legal Association Establishment Act, 1721".


Article 2: Establishment of the Federal Legal Association.

  1. The Federal Legal Association (FLA) is hereby established. The FLA will act as a federal oversight body for the legal profession in Nouvelle Alexandrie. The FLA shall have perpetual succession and shall have all legal powers appertaining to a juridical person, particularly the power to sue and be sued; to contract and be contracted with; to hold real and personal property as may be necessary for corporate purposes; to mortgage, lease, sell, transfer, convey and otherwise dispose of the same; to solicit and receive public and private donations and contributions; to accept and receive real and personal property by gift, devise or bequest; to levy and collect membership dues and special assessments from its members; to adopt a seal and to alter the same at pleasure; to have offices and conduct its affairs in the Federation and elsewhere; to make and adopt by-laws, rules and regulations not inconsistent with the laws.
  2. The FLA will be responsible for maintaining a register of legal practitioners, formulating standards of professional conduct, conducting disciplinary proceedings, and promoting legal education and training.
  3. All registered legal practitioners in Nouvelle Alexandrie are eligible to vote and to be elected to the Board of Directors or other positions in the FLA, provided they are in good standing with the organization and have at least five years of legal practice or relevant legal experience.
  4. The FLA shall be funded primarily through its membership fees, which are established by the Board of Directors. However, it may also receive federal funding, as well as donations, grants, and other sources of income in accordance with federal laws and must be used strictly in accordance with the mission of the FLA and federal laws.

Article 3: Composition of the Federal Legal Association.

  1. The Federal Legal Association (FLA) shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a board of directors composed of legal practitioners from different regions of the federation. The officials of the FLA shall be elected by registered legal practitioners in a fair, free, and transparent election process, outlined and administered by the Federal Elections Commission.
  2. Each official of the FLA shall serve for a term of four (4) AN years. The President and Vice President shall be limited to two (2) consecutive terms in office, while there is no term limit for the Secretary, Treasurer, and members of the Board of Directors.
  3. The FLA shall ensure regional representation within its structure and maintain a strong affiliation with local legal associations or councils. Public consultations shall be regularly conducted, and the FLA shall be subject to audits to ensure it consistently serves the public interest and upholds the integrity of the legal profession.

Article 4: Headquarters and Regional Offices.

  1. The FLA shall have its headquarters in Cardenas, Federal Capital District.
  2. In addition to the headquarters, the FLA shall maintain a central office in each regional capital. These offices shall house the Regional Boards and function as operational hubs for local activities.
  3. More offices and branches can be established at the request of Regional Governors to ensure accessibility and efficient service delivery to the legal community across the Federation.

Article 5: Regional Representation and Boards.

  1. The FLA shall establish Regional Boards, each representing a Region as defined by the Federation.
  2. Each Regional Board shall be composed of legal practitioners from the respective region. The board members shall elect a Regional Director, who shall serve as a representative on the national Board of Directors of the FLA.

Article 6: Disciplinary Committee.

  1. The FLA shall have a Disciplinary Committee, responsible for maintaining professional standards and addressing any cases of professional misconduct among members.
  2. The Disciplinary Committee shall have representation from all Regions, with members appointed in a manner consistent with the FLA's commitment to regional representation and integrity.

Article 7: Duties and Responsibilities.

  1. The FLA will promote and protect the interests of the legal profession and foster respect for the rule of law. It will also undertake initiatives to inform and educate the public about legal rights and responsibilities and encourage pro bono services among its members to increase accessibility to legal services.
  2. The FLA shall have the authority to take disciplinary action, including suspension or revocation of membership, against any member who is found guilty of professional misconduct as determined by the FLA's Disciplinary Committee.
  3. The FLA shall publish an annual report detailing its activities, financial status, and other relevant information. This report shall be made publicly available to increase transparency and accountability of the organization.

Article 8: Collaboration with Local Legal Associations and Councils.

  1. The FLA is obligated to collaborate with local legal associations or councils.
  2. Joint committees shall be constituted to facilitate cooperation, knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and issue resolution at the local level.

Article 9: Public Consultations.

  1. The FLA shall periodically conduct public consultations, which may include town hall meetings, public surveys, and online consultations at least once a year.
  2. The aim of these consultations is to incorporate diverse public perspectives in the FLA's decision-making processes and to maintain a public record of all such consultations to facilitate transparency.

Article 10: Audits.

  1. The FLA shall be subject to independent audits by a third-party auditor appointed by the Federation at least once a year.
  2. These audits shall encompass financial audits, operational audits, and compliance audits, reviewing adherence to legal and professional standards and ensuring ethical practices within the FLA.
  3. Audit results shall be publicly disclosed to ensure transparency and accountability.

Article 11: Donations or Contributions.

  1. All donations or contributions which may be made by private entities or persons to the FLA shall be exempt from income and gift taxes.


Article 12: Closing Provisions.

  1. This act shall apply to all of the Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie.
  2. This act shall not become law unless it has been given Royal Assent.
  3. This act shall be published and made publicly available.
  4. If any provision of this act, or the application thereof to any person or circumstance, is held invalid, the remainder of the act, and the application of such provision to other persons or circumstances, shall not be affected thereby.