Federal Humanist Party 1693 General Election Campaign (Nouvelle Alexandrie)

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File:1693-FHP-001.png The Federal Humanist Party (FHP) is strongly supportive of the efforts of Nouvelle Alexandrie, and Alduria-Wechua before it, to reclaim and repopulate territories such as Lyrica. These Government programmes, which provide land for displaced and stateless persons willing to swear allegiance to the Crown, help to return land to cultivation, open up new resources for exploitation, and provide new markets for our burgeoning Federation.

Through its poster and media campagin the FHP not only seeks to demonstrate its support for a key policy of the Federation but to encourage its citizens to play a greater role in the development and expansion of a global power.

Example File:1693-FHP-002.png The Federal Humanist Party's latest poster campaign demonstrates the party's commitment to the core Humanist value of Solidarity, standing up for the working man of Nouvelle Alexandrie by identifying and countering threats to national prosperity rather than relying upon empty platitudes that presuppose unlimited government spending.
Example File:1693-FHP-003.png The FHP has continued the policy of its Humanist predecessor parties in advocating strongly for the strengthening of the Raspur Pact, a multi-national alliance committed to mutual defence and free-trade. The rapid expansion of the Federation, across three continents, was made possible under the protective aegis of the Pact, which the FHP argues should remain the cornerstone of the Federation's defence and foreign policies.
Example File:1693-FHP-004.png The core contention of the FHP in regards to economic policy is that the geographic position of the Federation places it advantageously to become a global manufacturing and trading powerhouse, allowing it to yoke and harness the wealth of three continents in service of the prosperity of the nation. By exercising dominion over global trade, and by growing its own share of manufacturing output, the Federation will succeed in enriching itself, and thereby in so doing increase the prosperity of its loyal citizens.
Example File:1693-FHP-005.png The FHP, with this poster, seeks to draw attention to its experienced leadership cadre, headed by the co-chairmen Gerhardt Eugen Seydlitz and Augustus Strong, both veterans of the diasporas and federalisation that culminated in the birth of New Alexandria.
Example File:1693-FHP-006.png An open letter addressed to Santiago Etienne.
Example File:1693-FHP-007.png Contrary to statements emanating from certain rival parties, the FHP was strongly supportive of the New Prosperity Plan implemented by the Coalition for Federal Progress, of which the Nationalist and Humanist Club of the Wechua Nation was a part. The FHP undertakes to continue and expand upon this ambitious and transformative programme of public works.
Example File:1693-FHP-008.png Attached is a summary of the FHP Co-Chairman, Augustus Strong's, flying visit to the State of Alduria, featuring engagements in Baathshahr, Punta Santiago, and Alkhiva. The visit facilitated excellent dialogue with representatives of the local Euran communities as well as with the business leaders who are essential for driving the continuing growth of the Federation's prosperity.
Yesterday the Co-Chairman of the FHP, Augustus Strong, conducted a flying tour of the Federation's holdings in Eura. The State of Alduria was an integral founding member of the Federation's precursor, Alduria-Wechua, and remains a key industrial hub and homeland for the Alexandro-Caputian diaspora, as well as the ancestral home of the Baatharzi, Babkhan, and Ladino populations.

The early morning was spent at Baathshahr, where Augustus and the campaign team met with a delegation of FHP and UMD mayors from the Baatharzi Autonomous State to discuss their investment priorities and security needs. Augustus also later received representatives of communities on Kumarastan, and discussed with them the situation on the island following its liberation from the Bassarids in the previous year.

The flight from Baathshahr to Punta Santiago, the capital district of the Aldurian state, was facilitated by the Federal Air Force, during the course of which Augustus was delighted to discuss with the pilot and crew the comparative merits of the present fleet of transport aircraft and the prospects for their replacement.

Upon arrival in Punta Santiago, Augustus and the campaign team established their residence in the Hotel du Babkha, situated in the Alcazaba district. Afterwards a motorcade was arranged to convey the Co-Chairman to the Campos Business District, located west of the Alcazaba where he met representatives of the local chapter of the Chamber of Guilds and Corporations. Concerns regarding corporation tax, and the effects of the closure of the border with the Thraci Confederation, were discussed, while in reply the Co-Chairman promised to continue and expand upon the pro-business policies inherited from the Coalition for Federal Progress. A rare spectacle was provided in the form of a Cerid matriarch, brought to the meeting by the eminent business magnate, “Max” Kerularios. Although the matriarch's name was largely unintelligible, Augustus was able to commiserate, via an interpretor, on the loss of hunting ranges occasioned by the closure of the border. The possibility of making a game preserve in the highland regions available for those Cerid who wished to live a traditional lifestyle was discussed, while the possibility of raising a regiment of Cerid as scouts for the Federal Forces was also proposed to the matriarch for consideration by her kin.

Meetings with business leaders concluded with a working meal at the Cotilla School of Business and Economics which lasted for an hour from 4pm. After this the motorcade returned Augustus and his staff to the Hotel du Babkha where Augustus was greeted by assembled thought leaders from the Humanist Vanguard youth organisation.

The evening spent reviewing the progress of the Aldurian component of the campaign was interrupted by an impromptu invitation by His Excellency the Count of Choquequirao, Rawa Vilca, to join a night-time inspection of the Alkhiva Oil Storage and Refinery Facility, site of the notorious oil spill on 21.VII.1693. Auxiliary personnel from the 1st Military Emergencies Unit, a component of the Federal Guards Service, had been deployed at the site since the initial failure of the Aldurian Oil Company (AOC) to quench the outflow of crude. Following a night-time helicopter flight Augustus was introduced by the Count of Choquequirao to the personnel who had been involved in the round-the-clock environmental clean-up efforts, whom he warmly praised and commended for their efforts.

After returning late from the Alkhiva site, Augustus has elected to spend the today and tomorrow in Punta Santiago, with these days being declared rest days for himself and his staff accordingly.
Example File:1693-FHP-009.png Example
Example File:1693-FHP-010.png The latest posters issued by the FHP further developed the core messaging of the party regarding the importance of patriotism, loyalty, and the centrality of a strong defence and foreign policy for ensuring the prosperity of the Federation. There has also been an effort to gently correct the misrepresentation of the Wechua Nation as a "marginalised" community when it constituted a co-equal founder of the Federation and provided, in the person of the Sapa Wechua, the man who would go on to be the King of the New Alexandria.
Example File:1693-FHP-011.png As above
Example File:1693-FHP-012.png Example
Example File:1693-FHP-013.png Example
Example File:1693-FHP-014.png Example


The Constitutional Settlement

The Federal Humanist Party remains firmly committed to the institution of the monarchy, as the guarantor of the rights and liberties promulgated through the Proclamation of Punta Santiago. The Federal Humanist Party remains committed to this constitutional settlement, the fundamental melding of institutional cohesion and democratic consensus which lies at the heart of the Federation, and shall continue to uphold and enforce the laws deriving from the Proclamation which the Coalition for Federal Progress previously successfully implemented during its term.

The Federal Humanist Party asserts that the Human Supremacy on Micras shall be upheld and advanced by recognising and defending the rights of all loyal citizens of this Federation.

Defence, Security & Foreign Policy

  • Defence:
    • Our Federation has holdings on three continents, and the islands in-between, with the sea as our centre of gravity. Securing the sea-lanes is key to our survival and prosperity. Our ambitious fleet programme will see 158 surface vessels, and 80 submarines launched by 1715. Naval expansion will guarantee full order books for our shipyards for years to come. Not just ESB Susa and the Pontecorvo Firm and their workforces, but all those involved in the supply chain will benefit.
    • The Federal Humanist Party will continue the procurement of the T-5/A-5 Tejón de Miel as our main ground attack aircraft and jet trainer and will place orders for the Future Multi-Role Combat Aircraft based solely upon the Federal Forces of Nouvelle Alexandrie's assessment of our future air defence requirements. The capability shortfalls in long range heavy transport aircraft, utility and patrol helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles shall be addressed by procurement programmes to be implemented over the next ten years.
    • Work on the Ground-Based Air Defence Establishment, commenced under the preceding government, shall continue at the eleven sites earmarked for development.
    • Lessons learnt from the Pacification of Lyrica shall be disseminated across all branches of the Federal Forces and shared with our partners and allies in the Raspur Pact where it is considered to be appropriate and of benefit to all parties.
    • As the lead nation of the Raspur Pact forces assigned to Keltia Command, the Federal Forces will work to integrate allied national contingents into a uniform and cohesive command structure that is able to respond in a timely and proportionate manner to any external threats. We shall develop a layered defence for allied territorial holdings situated on the continent of Keltia that minimises wastage and reduces response times to the shortest practicable.
  • Security:
    • The Federal Guards Service is the cornerstone of the Federal Humanist Party's strategy for ensuring the security of our borders, our territorial waters, and our domestic communities. The Federal Guards Service shall establish liaison offices in each State and Region of the Federation so as to ensure institutional coordination and integrated decision making between Federal Forces and local law enforcement agencies.
    • The porous frontier of Alduria, facing the Thraci Confederation and the Green, the ungoverned interior of Eura, poses its own unique challenges. The Federal Humanist Party will bolster the Border Guard in Alduria by recruiting a regiment of Çerid to serve as trackers and scouts, allowing us to remain active in our defence of the frontier.
    • Security cooperation with Hurmu, including intelligence sharing, and the present air policing mission, shall be maintained and strengthened by the appointment of additional liaison officers to represent the interests of the Federal Forces to the formations of the Hurmu Constabulary.
  • Foreign Policy:
    • The Federal Humanist Party will remain committed to the Raspur Pact as the cornerstone of its international relations. Together with our partners in the Pact, Nouvelle Alexandrie will remain a force for good in the world, one committed to the advancement and benefit of all humanity.
    • We will work to enhance our relations with friendly powers in the near abroad. A joint naval and diplomatic expedition will be dispatched to develop and enhance our contacts with the Hexarchy, the Dark Berry Islands, and West Skerry and Sri Pashana.

Housing Policy

  • Whilst the Federal Humanist Party considers the right of home ownership to be sacrosanct, it will benefit neither the home owner, the prospective buyer, nor the national community if we allow our housing stock to become an asset bubble that devours wealth which might be more productively invested elsewhere. To this end the mortgage lending practices of our financial institutions shall be investigated by a Government appointed ombudsmen. We do not wish to see our citizens sold mortgages that are beyond their means and shall take steps to prevent this practice from distorting the market.
  • The Federal Humanist Party will nonetheless continue to expand the construction of housing and allowing individuals in government-run housing projects to become a part of an ownership society by buying their property.
  • If over the next year the demand for housing continues to exceed supply in the cities of Parap, Judah, Punta Santiago, Piriya, and Wechuahuasi, the Federal Humanist Party will mandate the Federal Government to work with State and Regional Authorities to establish new satellite communities, utilising prefabricated buildings and requisitioned land, to relieve the immediate burden, and appoint a Crown Commission for the creation of new Chartered Cities, with integrated transportation and utility plans at the municipal level.

Manufacturing and Trade Policy

  • We will encourage the growth of Chambers of Guilds and Corporations in our major cities as a venue through which the leaders of our industries and organised labour can engage in useful dialogue and strategic level coordination.
  • In spite of the recent difficulties occasioned by the expansion of the Thraci Confederation into our sphere of influence in Razjania, and the consequential rupture of relations and border closures, the Federal Humanist Party refuses to see this as sounding the death knell for the Pan-Euran Highway project. Instead, we shall make it our policy to alter the proposed course of the Highway to follow a course from Punta Santiago to Arak and thence across the Gulf of Aqaba by the shortest feasible route for a road and rail tunnel and thereafter to continue on its course eastwards to Aqaba, to Nivardom, and thence south to Raspur, Surenshahr, and finally Mehrshahr.
  • Aside from the Raspur Pact and the Special Relationship with Natopia we shall continue to review our trade relations with a pragmatic eye towards the interests of our domestic industrial capacity.
  • Where favourable treaty regimes do not exist we will impose tariffs on the import of products from overseas that could be easily made in Nouvelle Alexandrie, in order to kickstart our economic progress.
  • We will re-evaluate any and all existing trade agreements on a regular basis to assess whether they are a net job creator or a net job destroyer.

Immigration and Settlements Policy

  • Immigration:
    • Advance a skills-and-assimilation-based immigration system with total and state-based quotas to cap the number of new entries.
    • Ensure new arrivals have the tools necessary to contribute to society while cracking down on illegal entry that poses a security threat.
    • Afford priority to immigration applications made by members of the following diaspora communities:
  • Settlements:
    • Upwards of 650,000 km2 of public land are within the gift of publicly owned Settlement Companies. A Federal Humanist Party government will see these transferred into private hands via auction at the earliest opportunity. Plots of 140 hectares for development shall be made available for sale, with the priority being the individual smallholder in preference to larger agricultural or commercial concerns. Our commitment is to ensure that there is land and freedom for those willing to work.

Public Services

  • Education:
    • Our children are the hope of the Federation, the means by which its values and our legacy shall be perpetuated into the future. For this reason we must do all in our power to advance the educational attainment of our young. As Humanists we shall bear in mind that our duty to ensure that the next generation receives the best training possible for the challenges they face. To ensure our young folk get the best start they can we must:
      • Introduce a new model of education based on academic selection to allow our children to shine brightest where they’re individually best;
      • Maintain our proud world-leading status in education funding;
      • Enhance the provision of educational services for those born with cognitive defects or disabilities;
      • Introduce free school meals for every child.
  • Healthcare:
      • Perform a major audit into our healthcare to reduce wastage and increase the service quality and ability of all services;
      • Increase funding to our Healthcare after the audit;
      • Double research funding for the development of new medicinal and genetic treatments.
  • Policing:
    • Our policing strategy shall see state and regional law enforcement agencies enjoy greater coordination and material support from the Federal Guards Service. Law enforcement shall be a priority recipient of military-grade equipment, particularly communications equipment, small arms, and vehicles, declared to be surplus to the requirements of our Federal Forces.

Environmental Policy

  • The most pressing environmental problem remains the deplorable condition of Eura, a legacy of the atomic horror unleashed upon the continent by the Shah's of Babkha in 1598. We will continue our efforts to protect the environment by continuing the incremental experiments in soil remediation and by finding innovative solutions to the water issues facing our Euran holdings.
  • We shall fund the construction of a tidal barrage across the estuary of the River Nouradin above Vandía-Levi; harnessing the power of the tides to create cheap, abundant energy for Nouvelle Alexandrie.
  • We shall introduce tax breaks for the domestic manufacturers of solar panels, wind turbines, and any other sustainable form of energy generation.