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Federal Capital Commission

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Federal Capital Commission
Abbreviation NFCC
Formation 1686 AN
Purpose/focus Selection of a site, design, and construction of a new national federal capital.
Chairperson Queen Alexandra of Nouvelle Alexandrie
Vice Chairperson Hyacinthe Betancourt

The Federal Capital Commission (FCC) is a joint committee created by the Federal Constituent Assembly to select the site, design, and build a new capital city for the Federation of Nouvelle Alexandrie. The FCC is composed of representatives from the Federal Capital District and surrounding communities, representatives of the King, the Cortes Federales (2 Peers, 5 Deputies), and three representatives from every Region of the Federation.

In 1686 AN, the FCC officially selected the Cárdenas Plan, which was to rebuild the old Alexandrian city of Cárdenas under a new urban plan using the ruins and remaining layout as the starting point of the new capital, using the "Old City" as the "cornerstone" of the new capital. Architect Hyacinthe Betancourt submitted and designed the plan, and upon its approval, was named Chief Architect and Vice-Chair of the Commission. The Commission has established that development of the Federal Capital District shall take place in three stages:

  1. (1686 AN-1689 AN) Transfer of the government from Parap and Punta Santiago to Cárdenas, construction of housing, government and security facilities, and basic infrastructure;
  2. (1690 AN-1694 AN) Construction of parks, monuments, public transport, airport, railways, roads, highways, and other key buildings and infrastructure;
  3. (1695 AN-1697 AN) Create character and permanence in the capital, construction of more housing and transport infrastructure to improve connectivity, deployment of financial subsidies from the local government budget to incentivize people to move and work in the new capital city.

Betancourt became instrumental in developing Cárdenas into a striking and dense "garden city" that represents both Aldurian and Wechua elements while restoring and keeping some of its old Alexandrian character and planning. Many of the ruins of the city were restored whenever the plan allowed for restoration.




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