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EC Hotel is a hospitality chain run by the EC Hotel Group, a corporation registered and operating under the laws of the Kingdom of Ransenar. The corporation is domiciled in Citadel, East Caverden.

It has hotels in Wendor, Meath, Syrelwynn, and Goldfield. It opened a new hotel in the Blackfriars district of the International Mandate in 1697.

It is perhaps the first hospitality chain to offer an co-owner investment partnership, where individual or retail investors may provide capital, entitling them to 30% of gross room revenue as well as title to a condominium unit, as well as free stay nights in any EC Hotel per year.

With the conclusion of the Third Euran War it built and opened a hotel in Rusjar, Zeed in late 1701. EC Hotel Lune Villa was opened in 1705.