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Demonsfall or New North Shirekeep was a city in Shireroth. It is very important to the Cedrist and demonist religions. Following the New Guard Reaction in Goetia, The Saints CF was expelled from the Community, and following their goddess Kizzy Drakland, moved to Demonsfall so they could practice the Old Ways, a darker and socially reprehensible sect of demonism.

Kizzy Drakland, a former kaiseress, had proclaimed the city as the temporary capital of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth (Imperial Daemonic Republic of Shireroth), and herself as Kaiseress Kizzy once again. This declaration remained unrecognised by the Imperial Regency and the wider community of Benacian successor states.

The Bovic Kingdom of Drak-Modan, ruled by Kizzy's grandson Nathan II, was expected to oppose and condemn the demonic anti-kaisership, as her direct claim to the Mango Throne invalidates and weakens Nathan II's claims to justify the Line of Drak as kings of Drak-Modan without directly challenging Kaiseress Salome's legitimate claim to the Mango Throne.

The historic site of Demonsfall was largely destroyed by an obliteration bombing campaign carried out by Benacia Command, which had hoped to disrupt the occult potency of the site by reducing it to a field of craters and ruins.

As of 1689 AN the settlement is the administrative seat of government for the expanded county of Holwinn in the Kingdom of Ransenar. The last vestiges of overt daemon worship were quietly expunged by the Ransenari authorities upon their occupation of the city, but a Cedrist priesthood - charged with maintaining the wards and curses intended to keep the chthonic deities of the region in-check - has re-established itself within the city's bailiwick.