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Dàshícháo Dì​guó 大實朝帝國
Empire of the Great Shí Dynasty
Flag of Daqianguo
Coat of Arms of Daqianguo
Coat of Arms
Motto: Fù Zhài Zǐ Huán 父債子還
(The Father's Debt is Paid by the Son)
Anthem: Chūn Dào Qīngjiāng 春到清江
Spring Arrives on the Qing River
250px|Location of Daqianguo|frameless
Capital Yàogǎng​ 耀港
Largest city Yàogǎng​ 耀港
Official language(s) Daqianese (Yīnyǔ 殷語)
Demonym Daqianese
(Dàqiānguó zhī rén 大千國之人)
 - Adjective Daqianese
Government] Imperial semi-absolute monarchy
 - Emperor Shēnróng Emperor 伸榮皇帝
 - Grand Chancellor
(Chéngxiàng 丞相)
Píng Shàitáng 平曬樘
 - Legislature House of Worthies
(Xiányì​yuàn 賢議院)
Establishment ?
Area ?
Population ?
Currency Imperial Yuan (Dì​guóbì 帝國幣):
1 yuán 圓 = 100 qián 錢
Abbreviation DQG
National animal ?
National food ?
National drink ?
National tree ?

Dàqiānguó 大千國, "the great wide country", is a colloquial name, but one that has been consistently used to refer to the political-cultural unit since ancient times. The formal name is Dàshícháo Dì​guó 大實朝帝國, the Empire of the Great Shí Dynasty, but for obvious reasons this has only been used since the current dynasty took power.

The Shí are a recent dynasty, borne to power upon a huge peasant uprising within the last century. By the standards of Dàqiānese emperors, they are reformers, and have been attempting to steer the country toward greater social mobility, allying themselves with merchants, entrepreneurs, and other noveaux riches rather than the traditional nobility. This fact has won them some hostility from the latter.

While its international influence had waned in the later years of the preceding dynasty, Dàqiānguó has since sought to resume its prime position in its traditional sphere of influence, using a combination of economic dominance and military modernization to "persuade" its former subject nations back into its orbit.

The government of the current Shēnróng 伸榮 Emperor is warily polite toward Alexandria, regarding it with a mix of admiration and mistrust.




Landscape and climate


Environmental issues


The Pact for the Public Good, Gōngyì Xiéyì 公益協議


Lǐbīnbù 禮賓部, the Ministry of Protocol
Sīfǎbù 司法部, the Ministry of Justice
Cáizhèngbù 財政部, the Ministry of Finance
Wàiwùbù 外務部, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sānjūnbù 三軍部, the Ministry of the Armed Forces
Jiàoyùbù 教育部, the Ministry of Education
Wénhuàbù 文化部, the Ministry of Culture
Wèishēngbù 衛生部, the Ministry of Health
Rénshìbù 人事部, the Ministry of Personnel
Nèizhèngbù 內政部, the Ministry of the Interior
Jiàgòubù 架構部, the Ministry of Infrastructure
Kējìbù 科技部, the Ministry of Science and Technology
Jīngjìbù 經濟部, the Ministry of Economic Affairs
Nóngyèbù 農業部, the Ministry of Agriculture

Administrative divisions

Province: shěng 省 Prefecture: fǔ 府 County: xiàn 縣

Sociopolitical issues

Foreign relations




Class and income inequality

International trade


Ethnic groups

The bulk of the Dàqiānese population is composed of the Yīn 殷 ethnicity.