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Tiendas Crucero S.A. de C.V.
Type Sociedad anónima
Industry Retail
Founded 1671 AN
Founder(s) Rigoberto Vásquez Vólquez
Headquarters Punta Santiago,
Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Number of locations 1,451
Area served
  • Eura
  • Keltia
Key people Concepción Vásquez Molitor (CEO)
Website @@nax/co/crucero

Tiendas Crucero S.A. de C.V. is a New Alexandrian retail group headquarted in Punta Santiago. It was founded in 1671 AN by Rigoberto Vásquez Vólquez and is owned by his family. The name was conceived by Vásquez Vólquez upon incorporating what was then called Mercado Rigoberto; according to him, “our business is the crossroads [Martino: crucero] of a greengrocer, a general store, and a department store, so we will call it Crucero.”


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Tiendas Crucero operates several types of retail outlet, including:

Caption text
Name Type Category
Crucero Hypermarket General merchandise
Por Hogar Big-box store Hardware
La Caja Big-box store Home goods
Los Vásquez Warehouse club General merchandise
Luz Verde Gas station Sometimes attached to another store
Mercado Rigoberto Grocery store General merchandise
SuperBerto Supermarket General merchandise
Tableta Verde Drugstore Also sells and leases medical equipment
Calle Dos Surplus store Food, furniture, variety general merchandise
Arroba Big-box store Electronics