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The World of Iceria is an interactive geofiction project based on the fictional world of Iceria, and it seeks to provide a fun, inclusive, and stable simulation. Interactive geofiction is a kind of game in which the different creators let their creations interact with each other in the form of countries or city-states. Usually, this means that different fictional countries in Iceria engage in diplomatic relations, trade, warfare, and so forth with each other. The simulation includes participation in political, economic, military, diplomatic and other aspects or fields as the community's creativity and curiosity allows.

To participate in Iceria, all participants must abide by this Community Charter and the Terms of Service.

General Terms and Provisions[edit | edit source]

1. The World of Iceria. The World of Iceria, referred to as "Iceria", is a forum and wiki-based interactive geofiction and simulation project founded in 2018 by User:Edgard, hereafter referred to as "Owner". It shall be set in the modern era and may contain many similarities to Earth. The simulation includes participation in political, economic, military, diplomatic, and other aspects of governance. Nations shall exist within the world of Iceria, and these shall be called Icerian nations.

2. Web Infrastructure. Iceria includes a website (, a wiki, a forum, and any other web infrastructure it owns and operates, as defined and officially recognized by the World of Iceria. This includes the Discord server.

3. Copyright of content. All content in the web infrastructure belongs to the World of Iceria, and within the contexts of Iceria, it is freely used by the participants of the World of Iceria. The World of Iceria then licenses it under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

4. In-Character and Out of Character. Players can define their actions as follow: IC (in character) or OOC (out of character). To ensure the right balance of the game, players are asked not to mix IC and OOC.

5. Iceria Fo' Free, Friends of Iceria. Iceria is free. No participant should pay money to be part of Iceria. No payment will ever be required from players to access full functionality. However, to pay for the web hosting and infrastructure, we have the Friends of Iceria group where people can voluntarily donate towards the cost of upkeep. The donation is not an obligation and only go towards covering the annual costs of hosting. Friends of Iceria shall be composed of all participants that have an officially recognized nation or are officially recognized participants in a nation, event, or project in the World of Iceria.

6. Term for Members or Participants. The term 'member', 'player', 'playerbase', ' character', 'user', 'participant', 'citizen' are all associated with a registered account with the World of Iceria. Participants in Iceria are required to abide to the rules and regulations or face administrative action. Players are bound to them, code, and law by the essence of registering on this wiki or forum. A participant has at least one Icerian nation, or is involved or is part of at least one Icerian nation. If an Icerian nation is admitted that is created by someone who was was not yet a participant, then simultaneously with that admission, he/she becomes a participant. If the official status within the World of Iceria of a participant's only nation is terminated, for whatever reason, then simultaneously, that person ceases to be a participant.

General Rules[edit | edit source]

7. Language. Comments deemed objectionable by the Icerian community and its customs and laws, or international law are strictly prohibited. Offenders will be liable to prosecution and to a permanent ban.

8. Prohibited Activities. Trolling, spam, phishing, copyrighted file sharing and/or sharing of infected files are strictly prohibited.

9. Defamation. Defamation, insults, and provocations between players are forbidden. They are nevertheless tolerated between the characters but are not without risk.

10. Player Conduct, Content Propriety. The conduct of all players is expected to be professional and mature.

Registered members must be at least 18 years old or older, and must abide by the PG-13 rating of the website.

Never post content in-game that would be considered inappropriate for users under the age of 18 - this includes violent or pornographic images. Erotic material is barely tolerated and only then at extremely low doses, only when it is lyrical and succinct.

11. Golden Rule, Identity, Civility. The Golden Rule is in effect; do not treat others in a way you would not want to be treated, and treat others like you would want to be treated. Conduct found to be unethical or demoralizing to other players will not be tolerated. Under no circumstances may any player reveal the personal (real) identity of another without that individual first admitting it publically. In Iceria, we value realism, fun takes precedence over reality, and uncivil behavior really hurts those values. Be passionate and active, but be an adult about it.

12. Reporting Violations, Admin Accessibility. If a member finds a violation of the Terms of Service or this Community Charter, they have a duty to inform the staff as soon as possible by private message. Just as if a member finds a security vulnerability, it must inform the staff as soon as possible so it is corrected ASAP. Exploiting a vulnerability is considered hacking or cheating and will be subject to sanctions and prosecutions for the most serious cases. When in doubt, always ask for admin approval. We're willing to introduce interesting elements and entertain ideas, but the administrative stamp of approval needs to go on anything that goes beyond individual players or groups of players.

Administrative Board[edit | edit source]

13. Administrative Board. The Administrative Board shall be headed by the Owner, who shall select additional administrators, wiki bureucrats, and forum moderators from the participants of the World of Iceria. The Administrative Board shall be composed of the Head Administrator, and all the Administrators appointed by the Owner. The method for their selection shall be at the discretion of the Owner and may include applications, tests, interviews, or any reasonable method the Owner thinks will help in choosing the right candidates for the open positions.

14. Nominations to the Administrative Board. Should nominations for the Administrative Board and all nominations thereafter subject to up-front participant input through nominations collected by way of confidential nomination form. Participants will be asked to list between 1 and 4 names of individuals that are participants in good standing in the World of Iceria and who are consistently active in Iceria, and reasons why they would make excellent members of the Administrative Board, in order of preference. These must be considered by the Owner and the Head Administrator (or 'Head Admin") during the selection process, and the Head Admin must inform the playerbase of the number of forms cast and the names of players nominated.

15. Applications to the Administrative Board. Icerian participants may also submit applications, to be drafted and given out at the discretion of the Administrative Board, to become an administrator during a public call for administrators. These applicants are also subject to player input. After the nomination period has closed, when the Administration Board will solicit player input on the applicants using a method determined by the Administration Board. The names of the applicants shall be published in the same manner as those of the nominees (Mutatis mutandis). After the first Administrative Board is in place, new hires may be selected through this method (or through a confidential nomination form), which may include applications, interviews, or anything else that can reasonably be asked of a candidate to ascertain their fitness for an administrator position. Any administrator on the Administrative Board shall have the right to formally veto a candidate before an offer is made for the candidate to accept.

16. Head Administrator, Decision Process. The Administration Board shall select from its roster, excluding the Owner, a Head Administrator who will be responsible for helping the Administration Board reach consensus on divisive issues, dividing labor and admin duties, managing the moderators and wiki bureaucrats, keeping the Administration Board focused, and making other administrative decisions as they arise, particularly if the Administration Board cannot agree on a course of action to take. The Onwer must consult the Head Adminstrator, who then must consult with the Board, and make a good faith effort to gain consensus before any major decisions are made.

Forum Registration[edit | edit source]

17. Account Name. The login names of members must be composed of at least one first name. The names of actual figures and fictitious characters, like Harry Potter, for example, are prohibited. The name chosen must not be taken by another player or be too similar to it. Please remember: all proper names begin with a capital letter. Administrators may force members to change their name at any time.

18. Valid E-mail Address, Admin Validation of Accounts. In order to validate the registration, enable your account, reset your password or receive messages from the forum, you are asked to enter a valid email address. If you do not receive the activation message, make sure to look in your Spam or Junk folders. You can also report any issues to the Administrators if you need any help. Please note that after you have confirmed your email, administrators must validate your account for use. This is another anti-spam layer of protection.

19. IP Sharing. If two or more players will be sharing an IP address, all of those using the same IP must play from the same political party and is not allowed to change parties unless they all agree to do so. If a friend or relative joins the game and shares the IP of an already existing player, that existing player must alert the admin team to this second player's joining and provide an explanation of their relationship. Members connected to the same IP may be banned if they attempt to play from 2 different parties, do not alert Administrators about their connection and there are attempts to hide or cover up the relationship.

Roleplaying[edit | edit source]

20. Characters not static. Members' characters are likely to evolve over time, same goes for nations (also known as "countries") and organizations in the World of Iceria and its simulations. It is required for all to always consider the historical context, the background, geography and time, and to establish minimum coherency in the actions of one's character(s) or nation(s).

21. Role-playing not mandatory. Role-playing (here defined as the detailed simulation of the daily life of a character) is not mandatory. However, it is expected that all members will respect the stories and role play of others.

22. Spelling and grammar. No rules on writing are imposed. However, members are asked to please mind their spelling and grammar in all sections of the forum and especially during role-playing. However, please be kind and courteous to all, as many may speak English as a second language.

23. Private Messages. All private messages are automatically considered private correspondence that may or may not have IC and/or OOC effects. Please bear that in mind when using the private messaging features in the forum. It is forbidden to publish text from the private message(s) except when denouncing a breach of the rules to competent authorities; if the sender and recipient have explicitly agreed to release the message(s); and/or if the message was explicitly marked as part of role-playing by its author.

24. Metagaming/Godmodding Defined, Prohibited. "Metagaming" or "Godmodding" are terms used to refer to player actions that seek to control circumstances or people outside of their own character. In a broad sense, metagaming violates the rules when it seeks to impact the game by controlling any character or the circumstances around a character other than the player's own. The attempt to impact the game is the applicable portion here, and the most important factor in determining if an action is metagaming. Here's a few examples: Not Metagaming/Godmodding: Applause in a speech, stock questions in a fundraiser or press conference, claims of disenchanted masses on a policy; Metagaming/Godmodding: Claiming large attendance at a rally, creating NPC hecklers and troublemakers, claiming the support of people who have not explicitly endorsed you.

25. Rules Laywering. "Rules lawyering" is defined here as attempting to take advantage of loopholes, technical language, or other perceived shortcomings in the rules in order to produce a result which is not in line with their intent and which, more likely than not, benefits oneself or one's own political party or interests. However, we recognize that sometimes there are problems in the rules, and we encourage members to bring it up to the Admins right away.

  • Read the Rules - If you find something vague, ask the Admins for assistance. We'd be happy to clear things up and hope to update the rules regularly with input from the players.
  • Bring Problems Up Immediately - We can't predict anything, and if you see a problem with how a rule meshes with a new situation in the game, bring it up to us immediately. Sitting on a rule and only springing it once someone steps in it is a surefire way to get an otherwise legitimate complaint thrown in the "rules lawyering" bin. Do not take actions counting on an alternative interpretation of the rules in the hopes that we will validate it after, and in doing so do not give the admin the abridged version of what's going on.

Simulation[edit | edit source]

26. Members responsible for their characters and nations. Each member is responsible for the story, destiny, and progression of their character(s) or their nation(s) in the World of Iceria. These cannot influence other events such as admin-simulated events or the stories, destinies, and progressions of other characters without their consent or consent of the Administrators.

Members' Basic Code of Conduct[edit | edit source]

27. Members of Iceria and these forums are strongly encouraged to follow these basic rules of conduct as a requirement for participation:

  • Members should never engage in cheating or plagiarism, the creation of illegal multiple accounts, attempting to hide one's identity via proxies, or metagaming/godmodding. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated, it ruins the game for everyone. Plain and simple: if you're gonna cheat, we'll ban you.
  • Members should not engage in flaming, trolling, baiting or harass anyone. This extends to passive-aggression, tongue-in-cheek and other sorts of roundabout ways of being rude and disrespectful.
  • We want Iceria to be a consistently SFW (safe for work) site. That means no posting explicit sexual content, gore, excessive obscenity.
  • Everyone has opinions. Please don't flame people based on ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, location, sexual orientation, lifestyle, etc. People can have disagreements and be civil.
  • Remember this is a simulation. We all want to have our fun, but please keep in mind that you should play your role realistically in terms of your IC behavior. Becoming maliciously disruptive will hurt you and the development of Iceria!

Requirements of Icerian Nations[edit | edit source]

28. Icerian nations and other affiliated countries, city-states, or organizations are to be more or less ‘realistic’ based on planet (contemporary) Earth.

29. All descriptions of Icerian nations, aspects thereof and developments therein, must be internally and externally coherent:

  • The description and simulation of the nation itself has to be coherent, and ‘facts’ about it have to be explainable on the basis of current scientific knowledge; and
  • The description and simulation of the nation has to ‘fit’ in its geographical and historical Icerian context, including what has already been described about other nations, organizations, or Icerian aspects or developments therein.
  • No description can be contradictory with previous descriptions or with scientific knowledge unless no objection exists among other Icerian participants.

Minimal Accessible Information[edit | edit source]

30. For all participants or members, the following information (in English) must be publicly accessible on IcerWiki at all times:

  • a map of the nation showing main geographical features, and its location on Iceria;
  • an outline of its (recent) history, culture, politics, and government;
  • basis economic data on (potential) exports and (needed) imports, and the state of the economy;
  • a chronicle of current events and developments within that nation.

Admission of New Icerian Nations[edit | edit source]

31. The Nations of Iceria. An Icerian Nation is a fictional country that is officially recognized and admitted by the World of Iceria and its participants as existing in the same planet and universe.

32. Application. If someone wants to affiliate a nation that he/she created in Iceria, than he/she can do so either by contacting the Administrative Board or by posting their interest via the appropriate applications and processes in the Icerian forums. By filing the application, the nation in question becomes a candidate nation. If the person filing the application was not a participant yet, by filing the application, he/she becomes a candidate participant.

33. Deliberation. After application, all participants and candidate participants discuss whether the candidate nation satisfies the criteria for membership, in particular the criteria mentioned in this Charter (under "Requirements of Icerian Nations"). During this discussion, the creator can change details and/or add information about the candidate nation if desired.

34. Decision. If the coordinator thinks the application has been discussed sufficiently he/she can inform the other participants that he/she wants to come to a decision. Unless more than a third (rounded up) of the participants within reasonable time replies that they want to continue discussion, a decision on the application will be made.

35. Nationhood. A candidate nation becomes an Icerian nation, and simultaneously a member of the Icerian Cartographic Society and the League of Icerian Nations, if a majority of the participants votes for admission, and none of them uses his/her right to veto. If an application is rejected, the candidate nation is not considered to exist, or at least not in the same universe.

36. Veto Conditions. A participant can only veto an admission if both of the following conditions apply:

  • he/she explicitly and elaborately explained his/her objections and concerns in the prior discussion; and
  • the recognition of the existence of the affiliated country can be reasonably assumed to affect an Icerian nation of the vetoing acting participant in such a way that this recognition would require that vetoing participant to rewrite significant parts of the history of the affected country.

37. Semi-Affiliation with Iceria. Nations that are existentially recognized (that is, recognized as existing, not necessarily politically recognized) by all participants and all Icerian nations can be designated 'semi-affiliated' if no participant objects. Creators of semi-affiliated countries are not participants (except if they are also creators of an Icerian nation). Semi-affiliated countries (like Icerian nations, but contrary to non-affiliated countries) are considered to exist in Iceria.

Expulsion and Dis-affiliation[edit | edit source]

38. Expulsion and Dissolution. If an Icerian nation no longer satisfies the requirements and cannot meet its responsibilities, any participant can start a discussion about expulsion or dissolution. Dissolution is the action of removing an Icerian nation that has been inactive (that is, with no activity for 365 days). If the Owner or Administrative Board think that expulsion is the course of action, it shall discuss it with the community, and once it has been discussed sufficiently, they will inform the other participants that they want to come to a decision. Unless more than a third (rounded up) of the participants within reasonable time replies that they want to continue discussion, a decision on the expulsion will be made. Expulsion requires two thirds (rounded down) of all the active participants' votes.

39. Dummy Nations. Nations and projects of participants that are expulsed, or because the acting participant of a country withdraws its affiliation, are replaced by dummy countries. Such a dummy country is a copy of the original affiliated country, possibly with necessary and proper changes, but no further development or events. Dummy countries only continue to 'exist' for the purpose of continuity. Icerian nations and the League of Icerian Nations should (realistically) gradually terminate all contacts with a dummy country. This article equally applies to former semi-affiliated countries that became dis-affiliated.

The League of Icerian Nations[edit | edit source]

40. Membership. The League of Icerian Nations (hereafter referred to as "the League") is the international organization at the 'center' of the World of Iceria. All officially recognized Icerian nations are members of the League of Icerian Nations. If a participant wants to apply for membership of (or any other applicable status with regards to) the the League for an affiliated country that he/she created, than he/she can do so either by contacting the Owner or the Administrative Board or by posting the appropriate applications in the Icerian forums. On the geofictional level, simultaneously, the government of the country in question submits an application to the appropriate office of the League. Further procedure with regards to admission is a geofictional procedure and is regulated by the founding Treaty of the League.

41. Special rules with regards to the League are described in the Rules and Procedures of the League of Icerian Nations, as drafted by its appropriate bodies.

The Icerian Cartographic Society[edit | edit source]

42. Special Responsibility for the Maps of Iceria. The Icerian Cartographic Society is in charge of managing and maintaining the Icerian map, and of its rules and regulations. Participants who wish to help and have a demonstrated talent or interest in making a better and more realistic Icerian map may be appointed a Cartographer in the Society, with its appropriate moderator powers in the wiki (bureaucrat) and in the forums.

43. The Icerian Cartographic Society shall be managed by the Administrative Board and its Cartographers appointed from the participants by the Administrative Board. The Owner shall be the Chief Cartographer, unless he decides to appoint another Cartographer to hold the title.

Personal Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

44. Member/User Responsible For Own Words. Iceria cannot be held responsible or liable for the content of posts, wiki articles or contributions, private messages, or on the User Profile or Signature. The Member automatically agrees and acknowledges by joining Iceria that they are solely responsible for the information, text, data, images, files, links to a website, blog or forum they post in Iceria, including messages, posts, contributions in the forums.

45. No External Links. The World of Iceria can not and will not be considered responsible for the content of external sites, the operation of the access to these sites. Alexandria does not endorse, support or condone and is wholly not responsible for the content, ideas, opinions, products, processes, or services sold or freely given on these external sites.

46. Link Responsibility. Members acknowledge by joining Iceria that they are solely responsible for hypertext links and Internet addresses that it includes in its messages, posts, contributions in the forums.

Wiki Rules[edit | edit source]

47. Wiki Page Ownership. No one owns a wiki page. Even if you create a wiki page for a fictional language or nation that you created yourself, you do not own that page. Every contributor is allowed, even expected, to improve any wiki page if he/she sees something that is in need of improvement. Effectively disallowing changes to a page by reverting edits made by others can result in termination of your account. On the other hand, vandalism, will almost certainly lead to termination of your account. In case of violation of these guidelines, do not try to deal with the issue yourself; contact a site administrator and explain the issue.

48. Wiki Page Creation Limits.There is no strict limit to the number of wiki pages that a contributor is allowed to create, but very short pages are strongly discouraged (and may be merged or deleted by site administrators), and very long pages should be split up unless there are very good reasons for not splitting up the page. (Very rough guidelines: 300 words or less is generally too short; 3000 words or more is usually too long. The best way to make a long page shorter is to split off details into separate pages. A grammar overview does not need to be complete, for example; details can be in separate pages.)

49. Wiki Page Format.Any page should have a brief introduction, followed by a table of contents, followed by longer text separated into different sections. (For example, a contributor is allowed to create a page for a fictional country, further pages for the history and/or language of that country, for specific aspects of grammar and/or historical personalities and events, and so forth, as long as all of these pages contain enough information to actually ‘fill’, defined as at least 300 words, a page.) All pages should have links to other pages where appropriate. ‘Orphans’ (pages that no or few other pages link to) may be deleted by site administrators.

50. Wiki Page Name. Abbreviations as page names, and very short or generic page names should be avoided as much as possible. Page names may be altered by site administrators in case different creations share the same name and one of them 'claimed' the page name first, and in other cases where a page name is likely to result in confusion (or conflict). (For example, if there is a page for 'Elysion' the country under that name, and someone want to create a page for 'Elysion' the planet, then an administrator may change the name of the first page to 'Elysion (country)', the second to 'Elysion (planet)', and change the page 'Elysion' into a disambiguation page with references to both pages.) Administrators that change a page name are not responsible for correcting all links to that page in other pages.

51. Imperative To Improve Wiki. Contributors are encouraged to improve and correct formatting, editing, linking, spelling and grammar of all wiki pages they visit, and to split up too long pages and/or merge too short pages. Contributors are further encouraged to create index pages and other kinds of ‘meta-content’ pages that improve information access, registration and participation in Iceria, and/or that compare, classify, or describe various (kinds of) Icerian creations, events, and information.

Community Charter Amendments[edit | edit source]

52. Amending the Community Charter. The Community Charter, along with any Administrator decision, may change at any time upon the decision of the Owner or on a proposal of the Members. The changes will be announced publicly.

53. Friends of Iceria. The Community Charter or the Terms of Service may be amended by a public majority (50%+1) vote of the members of Friends of Iceria who have donated to the upkeep of the project and its web infrastructure in fundraising drives.

Apology[edit | edit source]

54. Sorry this is so long.